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  • Internship program:
    Internship positions will be posted when available. Contact Michelle Hoyt if needed for questions.
    Apply Here and click on the position of IT Internship
    Internship Overview:  
    This is a comprehensive hands-on training program for those who wish to pursue careers in the field of Information Technology through internship programs.  Interns will learn customer service skills both through phone calls, emails, and working directly with customers.  The program will give the opportunity to understand how a call center works, work with production applications, and deployment of computers.  The Intern will also have the opportunity to go out into the field and work with staff on fixing day-to-day work.  At times, the intern might get to work with the Network and Systems team to assist with various projects.  We try to give the interns exposure to all roles in the IT world to give them real-world experiences.
    There are two different internships in our district; full-year and summer.  The full-year internship runs all year but only 20 hours per week.  The summer internship has the same requirements as identified on the left, but this position is 40 hours a week for at most 3 months.

    Internship Contact:
    Michelle Hoyt
    Phone: 907.761.4022


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