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  • Musicking: To music is to take part, in any capacity, in a musical performance, whether by performing, by listening, by rehearsing or practicing, by composing, or by dancing.”
    -Christopher Small
       Music epitomizes man's capacity for creativity and is an essential part of a complete education. The acts of performing, creating, and responding to music are fundamental processes that humans engage in to connect historically, culturally and socially. 
    Want to learn more: 

    Go to www.bepartofthemusic.org for more info.

    Mission Statement:
       The mission of Music Education in the MSBSD is to provide meaningful musical experiences for our community through performance, education and advocacy.  
    About Us: 
       Our job is to ensure that students receive high level instruction encompassing the many facets of music taught by a highly qualified professional musician and educator. With a strong foundation in music appreciation and literacy we hope to help students develop a lifelong love of the arts. 
                FYI Facts about Music: 
    In an average 10 minute marching band show, there are a staggering 1 MILLION individual choices and responsibilities on the members for a single performance.  Each one helps develop teamwork and skills that impact everyone else on the field.  Colleges are aware of the demands and view participation in band as a strong indicator of future success.  Music students are often given preference for admission and scholarships colleges, including the Ivy League schools.-National Association of Music Parents.
    Creativity is always an asset when it comes to college applications.  Students active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts tend to be open-minded, eccentric and think outside of the box.  These qualities add to campus life, which is a bonus in the eyes of a college admissions officers. - Impressive Extracurricular

    Trumpet Recital featuring

    Buddy Deshler

    of the Dallas Brass



    Thur. Jan 13, 2022  7:00 PM

    Colony High School Theater

    Admission Free: Suggested donation $10.00

    Accompanied by Renee Morris and Sam Fry
     NOTE to all Mat-Su families.  Over the next 10 weeks, this page will be updated with the 2021-2022 school year dates.  Due to the constant change in info about Coronavirus 19, dates, times and methods of delivery of material/events will change.  Our hope is that we will try to keep things as close to the dates they are scheduled, but things probably will change.  Please contact your child's music teacher if you have questions or concerns about these events. 
    Some 2021-2022 district music event dates (these are somewhat estimates):
    Colony HS Marching Band Invitation (Sept)
    All State Concert/Festival (Nov 18-20?)
    Mat-Su Jazz Fest at TMS (Jan or Feb)?
    Elementary/MS Solo/Ensemble Festival at CMS (Feb. 25)
    Secondary Honor Festival at CMS/CHS (March 24-25)
    Region III HS Solo/Ensemble event at WHS (March or April )
    Elementary Honor Festival (end of April)
    ASAA State HS Solo/Ensemble Festival (at UAA) (May 6-7).
    For each individual school events, please contact your child's music teacher for more info.  All individual school events are canceled through May 1 at this time.  After that, it depends on what the State of Alaska and the Mat-Su decide.  
    Festival Coordinator & District Liaison:
    Jamin Burton
    Colony High School
    Phone: 907-861-5584
    Email: jamin.burton@matsuk12.us
    High School Representative:
    Jamin Burton
    Colony High School
    Phone: 907-861-5584 
    Email: jamin.burton@matsuk12.us
    Middle School Representative:
    Toby Lambert
    Colony Middle
    Phone:  907-761-1517
    Email: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us 
    Elementary School Representative:
    Deborah Cooper
    Sherrod Elementary
    Phone: 761-4125 
    Email: deborah.copper@matsuk12.us
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