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  • Musicking: To music is to take part, in any capacity, in a musical performance, whether by performing, by listening, by rehearsing or practicing, by composing, or by dancing.”
    -Christopher Small
       Music epitomizes man's capacity for creativity and is an essential part of a complete education. The acts of performing, creating, and responding to music are fundamental processes that humans engage in to connect historically, culturally and socially. 
    Mission Statement:
       The mission of Music Education in the MSBSD is to provide meaningful musical experiences for our community through performance, education and advocacy.  
    About Us: 
       Our job is to ensure that students receive high level instruction encompassing the many facets of music taught by a highly qualified professional musician and educator. With a strong foundation in music appreciation and literacy we hope to help students develop a lifelong love of the arts. 
    Festival Coordinator & District Liaison:
    Jamin Burton
    Colony High School
    Phone: 907-861-5584
    Email: jamin.burton@matsuk12.us
    High School Representative:
    Jamin Burton
    Colony High School
    Phone: 907-861-5584 
    Email: jamin.burton@matsuk12.us
    Middle School Representative:
    Toby Lambert
    Colony Middle
    Phone:  907-761-1517
    Email: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us 
    Elementary School Representative:
    Deborah Cooper
    Sherrod Elementary
    Phone: 761-4125 
    Email: deborah.copper@matsuk12.us
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