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    Knik Elementary offers 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade general music classes where we sing, practice reading melodies and rhythms, and learn about form, tonality, and timbre. Students perform melodies, harmonies, and dances. Students experience playing Orff instruments and various percussion instruments while practicing learned skills. General music class at Knik Elementary is full of rich vocabulary that supports other academic classroom learning. Fourth and fifth graders also focus on pre-band skills and the application of music skills while learning to play the soprano recorder.




    We also offer additional experiences to students outside of the general music classroom. These include choir, keyboarding, and guitar. Our school focuses on students as soloists as well as great members of a musical team. This helps students have more confidence in themselves as they go on to the middle school environment.




    CREATIVE ARTSKnik Elementary also offer children the opportunity to learn about visual arts. Time is built into the music rotation in order for students to learn about and experience line, color, texture, value, shape, and space. In class, students try their hand at making art fun while learning about various artists, gaining art vocabulary, and experiencing various art techniques.




    Knik Elementary School Music/Creative Art Education Goals


    To provide meaningful and fun opportunities in both music and art in order for students to positively experience the arts. It is also our goal to help students discover their strengths in the arts so that they can continue to pursue making the arts a part of their life. It is our goal to help students grow in their musical skills so that they can make informed choices in musical taste and future choices in band and choir participation in upper grades. We are committed to making sure students have the skills to productively and positively participate in music as they enter higher grade levels.