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    Positive Alternative for Continuing Education
    Administrator:  Charles Carté 


    PACE is entering our tenth year providing support for students placed on suspension during the school year.  Our program is a choice for students to earn credits or recover classes they would have lost while suspended.  Students are referred to PACE by their building principal.


    Our top priority at PACE is to help students find academic, personal, and lifelong success.  At PACE, students are able to re-capture credits they have lost by working hard and being dedicated to their academic goals.  The PACE staff is dedicated to seeing your child succeed.


    Students utilize an online learning program called ABLE for academic choices.  When possible, we also provide physical education in the form of a rope course, which will challenge their inner being, leadership, and teamwork ability.  Students have a variety of curriculum courses to choose from as they pursue their middle school/high school education.  We ensure appropriate placement through our application process, which includes an in-person interview with the student, guardian(s), and principal.


    PACE classes are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 1:50.  Breakfast and lunch are free for all students.  This year is a little different in that we will provide an academic education for 8th grade and high school students.  Upon the interview, if you need busing, we can arrange it for you.  We are located on the Burchell High School campus on West Nicola, facing Wasilla Bible Church.


    If you or your student are interested in attending PACE, please see your building principal first before contacting the PACE Administrator, Charles Carté, to discuss your options concerning this program.

    Charles Carté
    PACE Administrator
    Administrator Phone: (907) 864-2628  
    PACE Office Phone: (907) 864-2674
    Classroom Phone: (907) 864-2671 
    Fax: (907) 373-1436