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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Robyn Reich


Welcome to Palmer Junior Middle School

6th, 7th, 8th

Art Teacher


About Me:    I started my teaching career in 8th grade language arts at PJMS in 2002.  After many years I chose to stay home with our two kids.  When our youngest started first grade - I came back to the profession.  I have been teaching at Swanson and Sherrod the last several years and am happy to return to PJMS.  My husband teaches stem at PJMS.


Why Do I Teach?    Teaching is exciting and challenging and kids are AMAZING and honest. I cannot imagine doing anything else!


What Kind of Teacher Am I?    I teach a lot like I parent. I want learning to be exciting and thrilling and I want the kids to feel as though they have made the discoveries themselves. I am silly and loud yet require order and follow through. Our classroom is home away from home and kids know that they are safe and valued. They learn to respect one another and celebrate our differences. I thank you for allowing me to navigate your child in their educational journey!


What Are My Hobbies?    My family and I enjoy camping, boating, fishing and hunting and snuggling in on a rainy day watching movies. I love to relax by drawing, painting,baking, working on stain glass, garage saling or reading a book.  I garden and each year I am getting better. We have two dogs, two cats,and  a parrot. My kids have taught me how to live in the moment and slow down.  I am in awe of their multi-tasking skills and their limitless potential. I love watching them play basketball as much as I enjoy watching them play games on the computer.  


Questions?    If you have questions for me feel free to call the classroom at 761-4339 or email me.