We're here to support you during the pandemic.


    To address any questions or concerns, the Counselors and Registrar are available from home during office hours.  Email any of us, by clicking on the links below.  Alternatively, feel free to call or arrange for virtual meeting.  Please don't miss the resource links to the left.  * Transcripts can be ordered by clicking here. 

    We are out for the summer so please call Caroline Holt at 746-9275 to get your transcript, otherwise we will fulfill your request when we return at the end of July.


    Click on the pictures below to be directed to our personal pages.

    Mrs. Wulvik

    Counselor for grades 9th and 11th.



    Office phone number: 907-352-0415


    Mrs. Booth 

    Counselor for grades 10th and 12th.



     Office phone number: 907-352-0416


    Molly DeKruif



    Office phone 907-352-0414

    Mrs. Berg
    Secretary and Testing Coordinator
    Want Testing info? Click on my picture to 
    go my testing page.



    Office phone 907-352-0427


    Jody Clark

    Counseling Secretary



    What does a School Counselor do?

    Assists students with high school curriculum choices relevant to their pathway 

    Assists students with career & college related questions

    Helps students create academic portfolios

    Promotes a positive learning environment 

    Assists students with personal or social/emotional issues that might hinder learning  

    Maintains confidentiality

    Makes referrals to community resources