• Enrollment for ABLE is closed until Fall 2024. 


    Please contact our ABLE counselor for information.



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    ABLE is a credit recovery program to help students who are severely behind in credits.  Students can either catch up in credits and return to their boundary school or, if they are seniors, can graduate through the program.  The moment a senior finishes his/her last course, he/she is done!  Courses are designed to allow students to progress independently most of the time, while teachers are available for help when a student gets stuck.  Each student is provided a mentor who helps determine pacing, goal-setting, and habits of success to work on.  Each milestone of success is celebrated in the academy, and graduates are honored at a bell ringing when they have completed their credits.


    Homework is not required, but attendance is critical.  This is not a homeschool program, and students are not allowed to 'opt' to work at home instead of school.  Students who are sick can make up work at home, but overall attendance must meet district standards.  Students who are sick must be excused by their parents/guardians and check in with the nurse upon return.  Students who accrue ten unexcused absences will be referred to a homeschool program. 


    A parent or guardian must begin by filling out online application.  After filling out the application, the ABLE counselor will call to set up an interview with the parent/guardian and student.  (If the student is living on his/her own, the student can invite another supporting adult to the interview if he/she prefers).  The purpose of the interview is to allow the student and parent/guardian to ask questions so that they know that the program is the right fit.  There is critical information in the application about scholarship and sports eligibility, along with non-negotiables, so please read carefully.  If the ABLE counselor does not contact you, feel free to call the school or email or call the ABLE Coordinator (see below).


    Charles Carté, ABLE Coordinator