Yearbooks for sale for $65 [cash or check made out to CTHS] before school, during lunch, and after school on Monday, April 26 in the front office



    Welcome to CTHS Yearbook!

    • Click on the How To link for easy directions to follow: How To


    • Order your yearbook online, order a senior ad, and upload pictures including senior portraits at yearbookforever.com starting Monday, September 14
      • Find our school [type Mat-]
      • Click Shop Store
      • From here you can:
        • order a yearbook
        • order a senior ad [Full page $200; Half Page $125]
        • upload pictures by clicking on Community Upload [this includes senior portraits]


    • Students and parents - yearbook needs your help! Please upload pictures for us to use in the yearbook:
      1. Download App: Yearbook Snap
        1. Select our school name
        2. Access Code: Tech Tigers
        3. Upload pictures
      2. Or go to our Community Upload yearbookforever.com
        1. Find our school [type Mat-]
        2. Click Shop Store
        3. Click on Community Upload 

    Graduates - Our deadline is January 8, 2021 for all graduates [seniors and graduating juniors]



    • Graduation Slideshow:
      1. Email 6 pictures [can be childhood, middle school, current, family, pets…etc.] to careertechyearbook@gmail.com
      2. Please include in subject line: Grad Slideshow Pics
      3. Please include in subject line or email: First and last name of graduate