• Welcome to Colony Tennis!

    2018 SEASON BEGINS JULY 31st! 

    Tennis is a no-cut sport. Come out and try it. We want you on our team!



    2018 Tennis season begins July 31st, 2018! Season begins July 31st with daily practices. The schedule is as follows:

    July 25- August 9 Monday-Friday 9am - 12pm at the Palmer Courts 

    August 10th until to the end of season:

    Mondays 3-4:30 pm at courts

    Tuesdays 3-4:30 pm room 1068 and gym

    Wednesdays 3-4:30 pm at courts

    Thursdays 3-5:30 pm at courts ***

    Fridays 3-4:30 pm at courts


    **Note the additional hour 



    • Mandatory Parent/Player Team Meeting August 2nd, 6:30pm in the CHS Commons
    • Practices begin Tuesday, July 31st 9 am at Palmer City Courts 
    • Season Practice schedule (after school) begins Monday, August 10 3 pm 
    • First Varsity Competition Thursday, August 16th  3:30 pm at Wasilla Wonderland Courts
    • Region III Valley Tennis Jamboree  Saturday, August 18 10 am Wasilla Wonderland Courts




    I suggest sneakers that are specifically designed for tennis.  Unfortunately, you may have to buy these online as there is a pretty limited selection since Sports Authority closed.  “Tennis”-specific shoes have reinforcements on the sides of the shoe that regular running shoes do not have.  With all of the side to side footwork on the tennis court, the difference in support is really very noticeable.  You can play in regular sneakers, but you will really notice a difference with real tennis shoes. 

    Try Tennis Express or Tennis Warehouse- they have some pretty good sales going on right now.




    If you have never, ever played…I suggest that you come to the first practice and try out a few different racquets.  I have a couple of loaners to let kids try.  Weight and grip size are the biggest thing to look for and you really want to make sure the racquet is comfortable in your hand.  You can buy a decent, fairly inexpensive racquet at Fred Meyer, Target, probably even Wal-Mart ($25-$40).  Or, if you want to invest, you can go online.  My racquet was over $100, which is why I suggest that you try out a few before you make a big purchase. 

    *Note, players are expected to have their own racquets beyond the trial period. 


    You will receive a team jersey. You need to supply your own black tennis skirt/skort(girls) or shorts (boys).   Target and Kohl’s both carry these in the fitness section, or you can order online just about anywhere.  

    Plan for Alaskan weather! You may want to purchase cold temp layers for under your uniform. Black leggings or workout tights can be worn under your skirt/shorts.  Long sleeve top under layers must be black, green or white.  
     See lesson and off-season training information!
    Aaron Haines is available for private or small group lessons.  His website is Tennis Alaska 
     Visit Mat-Su Tennis Association on FaceBook for updates and informationMat-Su Tennis Association
    Susan Brunner, Head Coach  susan.brunner@matsuk12.us   (907)301-5818