Phone: 907-864-5422


Degrees and Certifications:

-Bachelor's Degree in Art with a focus in Watercolor -Master of Art in Teaching: Secondary Education (6-12 grades) - Master of Mathematics Education (Grades 5-9) -In addition, I am highly qualified in Middle School Mathematics and Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Christel Mozalevskiy

Welcome Huskies! My name is Christel Mozalevskiy, but most of my students call me Mrs. Mozy. This year, I am teaching 6th Grade Art, 7th/8th Grade Art, Virtual Middle School Art, 2D/3D Survey, 2D/3D Studio, AP Art, and Educators Rising Courses . In addition, I will be the club sponsor for middle school and high school Art Club, BPA, and Educators Rising. This is my eighth teaching and I am thrilled to be a part of the Redington staff! I have teaching experience in 6-12 grade classes and am excited to be teaching both middle school and high school courses this year. Prior to teaching at Redington, I was both a mathematics teacher, social studies teacher, and art teacher at Palmer Junior Middle School.


Mozy’s Schedule



Period 1—Virtual Middle School

Period 2—6th Grade Art

Period 3—Educators Rising

Virtual At-Home Lessons on Friday



Period 4—2D Art Survey, Art Studio, & AP Art

Period 5—7th & 8th Grade Art

Period 6—2D Art Survey, Art Studio, & AP Art

Virtual At-Home Lessons on Friday




Students will complete two sketchbook assignments

Students will work on summative art projects


Students will work on virtual art lessons in the Google Classroom

Ensure all work is turned in by 2:15 Friday!



Where do I go to find my work? If you are a virtual student, all work will be posted in the Google Classroom. If you are absent or we are in a school building closure, work will be posted in the Google Classroom.

How do I log in? Google Classroom codes are provided below. Please ensure you join the correct classroom.

Who do I contact if I cannot log in? Contact Mrs. Mozy at

How do I turn in my work? View the various videos posted within the Google Classroom for taking photos of artwork and uploading them to the Google Classroom.

What if I need help with my work? Mrs. Mozy is available during office hours on Friday from 1:45-2:45. If it is your ‘on’ week for class, any questions posted within the Google Classroom are first priority for Mrs. Mozy to answer.


Google Classroom Codes


Virtual Middle School Art



6th Grade Art



7th & 8th Grade Art



2D Art Survey



2D Art Studio



AP Art



Education Course





Phone: 907-864-5422


RJS Art Facebook Page:


This year, teachers will not have prep time/office hours until Friday. As I am in class between the hours of 7:45-2:15, email is the best way to reach me--I will do my very best to respond to e-mails in a timely manner.My priority for each week will be the students I am currently meeting with, as time permits, I will move to the needs of ‘off week’ students. 


VIRTUAL LEARNERS: You are welcome to work on assignments throughout the day (I won’t know the difference!), But please understand that I am only provided time for the virtual class during ‘A’ Weeks from 7:45-9:50. I have 52 virtual learners in one class period, so please be patient as I do my best to teach each one of you! : )