Welcome to Benjamin Parker's Webpage
    Name: Mr. Parker
    Email Address: Benjamin.Parker@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 864-9450
    Mr. Parker teaches Welding at Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr High School. Mr. Parker is offering his classes through Google classroom during the COVID-19 Pandemic. See the list of Google classroom codes below. Mr. Parker's Gmail is bp018636@apps.matsuk12.us 
    All non-hands on assignments will be available via Google classroom. They will be updated regularly. Please get ahold of Mr. Parker via Gmail if you have any questions. 

    PARKER, Weld Tech A S1 (1)

    86313-2 Period 1
    Class code l2cvpx3

    PARKER, Weld Tech A S1 (1)

    86313-1 Period 2
    Class code dezybpt


    PARKER, Weld Tech C S1 (1)

    86323-1 Period 3
    Class code 2e2syzg


    PARKER, Weld Tech A S1 (1)

    86313-2 Period 4
    Class code lsbuxrq


    PARKER, Weld Tech A S1 (1)

    86313-4 Period 5
    Class code qacp6bo


    PARKER, Weld Tech C S2 (1)

    86324-1 Period 6
    Class code rl7ifqx


    PARKER, Weld Tech A S1-S2 (1)

    86313-HR3 86313-HR3 Period 3, 6
    Class code cd4gykk

    PARKER, Weld Tech C S1-S2 (1)

    86323-HR3 86324-HR6 Period 3, 6
    Class code f5mfifn