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    Email me with ?s at stephen.murray@matsuk12.us. Make sure you choose the "Stephen Murray" who is a teacher, there are two Stephen Murray's in the school district.
    Wedesday, 25 March Lesson Instructions

    Notes from yesterday’s “1.3 Subtract Integers” lesson:

     Completion % was 50%. The period with the highest completion % was period  1 at 70 %.

    Google classroom join % was 60% with Period 1 having the highest join % at 74%.

    If you still need to join your math Google classroom for Math 7 the class codes are:

    Period 1 - sw4hnbt

    Period 3 - zclwjxg

    Period 4 - z5w7tql

    Period 5 - hnfcbuj

    Period 6 - xpjrpix

    Today’s Learning Objectives: Students will be able to

    • Find the mean (average) from a set of data
    • Find the median from a set of data
    • Find the range from a set of data

    Lesson Agenda:

     Watch the Brainpop video at the following link -  https://www.brainpop.com/math/probability/meanmedianmodeandrange/

    (optional)  then do the review quiz on Brainpop at the end of the lesson

     AND / OR watch the Khan Academy video at the following link - https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math/cc-6th-data-statistics/mean-and-median/v/statistics-intro-mean-median-and-mode?modal=1

     THEN complete the problems assigned in your google classroom and submit it to me.  It will not let you submit unless the answers are correct. If your answer is wrong, some hints will show up in red.


    Tuesday, 24 March Lesson Instructions

    Good Morning Titan parents, guardians, and students;

    Yesterday, 57 of my 129 math 7 students  (44%) successfully completed the lesson. Period 3 had the highest % with 52%. Let's STRIVE to increase that number today.

    Access issues - I did receive and respond to several emails about password, Go Math, and Student Vue/Synergy  issues.

    Password - If its not working you should call the Teeland front office to get it reset.

    GoMath Dashboard - I should have been more literal in my instructions; you go the student quicklinks page from either the school district or Teeland website.  You scroll halfway down and find and open the "Math/LA (Secondary)" link, it opens to your login for your GoMath dashboard. Use your school district login.  The assignment is on your dashboard.

    Synergy/StudentVueTake a look at our StudentVue tutorial  - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQbq94XYyYFdgxfBmQK5eIJQijdCi07WUS0xH--yLqnmLuNkZHMBSE9bY0Ir9bBo8mp-Vg5oGVHSwO1/pub?start=false&loop=false&slide=id.p.   in order for you to learn about how this works if you are not familiar with this program.  The process is very similar when you are accessing the teacher website through ParentVue. I will put the lesson and instructions for it on my "old" teacher webpage at - https://www.matsuk12.us/cms/Workspace/Section/Section.aspx?DomainId=3585&PageID=16146  also; in case someone still has Synergy website issues.

    Today's lesson - Yesterday I learned how to setup and begin using Google Classroom. So your first task today is to join your math Google classroom using the correct class code below;

    Period 1 - sw4hnbt

    Period 3 - zclwjxg

    Period 4 - z5w7tql

    Period 5 - hnfcbuj

    Period 6 - xpjrpix

    Today I will learn how to post an assignment there, so we will not be doing an assignment from Google classroom today.

    Then you go to this link at Khan Academy - https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-seventh-grade-math/cc-7th-negative-numbers-add-and-subtract/cc-7th-sub-neg-intro/v/why-subtracting-a-negative-equivalent-to-adding-a-positive?modal=1 and watch the 2 minute video on " Subtracting Integers". Remember the key phrase I taught you for subtracting  - "Add a line, Change the sign"

    Then go to your "Go Math Dashboard "on the student quicklinks page at "Math/LA Secondary";

    LOGIN, then complete the lesson 1.3 Your Turn assignment and submit it to me.

    Hi, I am Stephen Murray, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel starting my eighth year as a math teacher here at Teeland Middle School.   I will also be coaching the chess and soccer clubs again this year, and the girl's C team in basketball.  Both of my daughters came through this great school.  
    Scroll down to see my schedule and contact information.Me & my girls
    Our three children graduated from MSBSD high schools and went on to graduate from college too.  I look forward to working with you to teach your sons and daughters this school year.
    Email Address: stephen.murray@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352 - 7536

    My Daily Schedule
    Period 1 (7:45-8:35) - GoMath7 (7th grade math)
    Period 2 (8:40-9:30) - My prep and planning time
    Period 3 (9:35-10:25) - GoMath7 (7th grade math)
    Period 4 (10:30-11:20) - GoMath7 (7th grade math)
    Lunch B (11:20-11:50) - My Lunch time
    Period 5 (11:55-12:45) - GoMath 7 (7th grade math)
    Period 6 (12:50-1:40) - GoMath 7 (7th grade math)
    Period 7 (1:45 - 2:15) - Advisory 








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