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    Sarah Rodriguez
    4961 E. Nelson Road
    Palmer, AK 99645
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    Special Schedule
    Day 1 - Library
    Day 2 - P.E.
    Day 3 - Music
    Developing citizens for a global society by inspiring students to think, learn, and care.
    9:00-9:20 Morning Math
    9:20-10:05 Specials
    10:05-10:30 20 Book Challenge/ Snack
    10:30-11:15 Whole Group Math
    11:15-11:45 Small Group Math
    11:45-12:20 Spelling/Grammar
    12:20-12:50 Recess
    12:50-1:20 Lunch
    1:20-2:20 Science/ Social Studies/ Health
    2:20-3:30 Literacy
    3:30-3:45 Planner/ Organizational Skills
    3:45 Dismissal


    "You can not teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it himself"
    ~Galileo Galilei


     Class Rules
    1.  I will work hard because I should always do my best.
    2.  I will be kind because everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.
    3.  I will believe in myself because I am an incredible person!


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