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    Head Coach: Leslie Varys   
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    Season dates: July 29-Oct. 10
    The 2020 season is currently a "go" but I'll post updates as I get them.  I have not heard how our meet schedule will be afftected, but it is up on Arbiter now.  We will need to abide to all Mat-Su School district protocalls for any meetings we do.  
    For the month of July, the best thing you can do to prepare for the season is start getting base miles in!  Just start running or keep running!  
    Mix it up: go for time (ex: 30min), go for distance (ex: 5miles easy), change the terrain (ex: hill repeats), speed play (ex: 1 min hard; 2 min easy for 21 min) or find an 800m to 1K stretch and get some speed repates in.  Feel free to text me if you would like some pace advice.
    Maybe you need to go every other day.  Maybe you are ready to get two runs in a day (one very easy, light run in the AM and one "medium" structured run in the PM).  DO what you can with your work/family schedule.  Maybe you need to start with a walk/jog.  Where ever you are now - that is where you start.
    JULY:  Keep a journal this month of the workouts you do (workout type, when you did it, what you ate before, how you are sleeping, how you felt before, during and after).  This is a great way to be accountable and see what is working or not working for you.  It is also a great time to work on your core: plank, wall sits, push-ups 
    Sign up has started on PlanetHS.  Make sure you are in the 2020-2021 school year.  There should be an option for you to "reuse"  online forms from last year".  Make sure your physical is up-to-date.  Please contact Heather McVeigh at 352-8217 if you have any questions


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