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    Jason Marvel
    (907) 352-8213

     Assistant Principals

    Mike Shea                Karen Bloxsom
     (907) 352-8215            (907) 352-8212 

    Administrative Secretary

    Heather McVeigh          (907) 352-8213


    Courtney Bayle (A-G)       (907) 352-8246
    Sarah Tilbury (H-N)          (907) 352-8237
    KB Holbrook (O-Z)           (907) 352-8241
    Wanda Abell, Secretary           (907) 352-8243 Fax


    Heather Moore          (907) 352-8291


    Activities Office

    Stacia Rustad, Activities Principal        (907) 352-8291
    Kristen Harris, Secretary     (907) 352-8217 Fax (907) 352-8282
    Community:  Wasilla High School (WHS) is located within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough which serves suburban and rural communities with a combined population of 89,000. The City of Wasilla is a first class city of 7,800 and is located 45 miles from Anchorage (population 292,000), the commercial and cultural center of Alaska.

    Employment: Transportation, construction, petroleum, production, tourism, and government services.

    School: Wasilla High School is one of ten four-year high schools of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and is accredited by Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. WHS's average enrollment is 1,200 students.

    Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum including college preparatory, business, trade/technical, fine arts, and enrichment programs.  Twenty-four and a half credits including four years of Language Arts, three years of Science, three and a half years of Social Studies, three years of Math, one year of Physical Education, and one-half year of Health is required for graduation.

    Advanced Placement/Honors Programs: Currently, offered are AP courses in Art, English, Biology, World History, Calculus, Chemistry, and US History. Honors courses are offered in English 2 & 3. WHS has been nominated by the College Board as an AP Alaskan Outstanding School in Math and Science as a result of the high scores students received in AP exams.

    Special Education: A variety of fundamental, modified, and resource courses are available. Also available are self-contained classrooms, daily living, life skills, work study and study skill labs. These courses are limited to students with an individual Education Plan.

    Special Courses: District wide "Career Pathway" courses, English as a Second Language courses, Tech Prep courses, and the Extended Learning Program are available for those who qualify.

    School Year: The school year is 180 days divided into two semesters. One-half credit per subject is granted each semester, with twenty-two credits required for graduation.

    Grading System: Four point system with the following range: A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, and F=0.0. Additional weight is given for AP courses. Student's class rank and cumulative GPA are based on all courses attempted.

    Faculty: Faculty comes from Universities throughout the United States. Over 50% of the faculty holds Masters degrees.
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