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    Name: Mr. Randy Wolfe
    Email Address: Randy Wolfe
    Phone number: (907) 352-0419

     Hi! Welcome to Construction Trades and Woods!
    I have been teaching in the district since 2008 and have a passion for teaching and the construction industry.  I had my own contracting business from 2003-2010 and am excited to pass along my knowledge of the field.
    This year I am pleased to offer Construction Trades and Woodworking classes here at CTHS.  Construction Trades is a double blocked class where we focus on large construction projects that take the majority of the semester.  The Woodworking classes are single block classes that focus on self-selected woodworking projects.
    Feel free to contact me at any time using the contact information on this page.
    Have a great day,
    Mr. Randy Wolfe
    Time Class
    1st hour Construction Trades
    2nd hour Construction Trades
    3rd hour Woodworking
    4th hour Construction Trades
    5th hour Construction Trades
    6th hour Woodworking

Last Modified on October 2, 2020