Welcome to WATCHUS, COALETTE Webpage
    Name: Mrs. Coalette Watchus
    Email Address: Coalette.watchus@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352-8223

    Welcome to Wasilla High School.  I have been a teacher at WHS since 1996.  I enjoy camping, fishing, berry harvesting and being out of doors.  My personal interests are crocheting, Yup'ik Dance and reading. 

    Class Schedule
    Period 1
    Work Study
    Period 2
    English Class
    Period 3
    Partners PE
    Period 4
    Daily Living Health
    Period 5
    Teacher Prep
    Period 6
    English Class
    Period 7
    Work Study





    My Grading Policy
    Total Points will reflect the weight of a given assignment
    • Classwork: 10%
    • Employability: 60% (on time, prepared and willing to work)
    • Assessments: 30%
Last Modified on August 23, 2019