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    Summer 2019 found me in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC

    Continental Congress

    The Continental Congress in Philadelphia

    I spent a week at Valley Forge studying the 19th Amendment 



     Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty in New York City

    I spent three weeks in Manhattan studying women in the Revolutionary and Civil War time periods



    Jefferson and Hamilton at Mount Vernon

     Jefferson and Hamilton at Mount Vernon

    I spent a week at Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation, studying what made George Washington an extraordinary president.


    2019 and 2020 Class Schedule 


    Period 1 - 8th Grade U.S. History


    Period 2 - 8th Grade U.S. History


    Period 3 -  High School U.S. History 


    Period 4 - U.S. Government   


    Period 5 - High School U.S. History


    Period 6 - Middle School Drama 


    Period 7 - Prep 



    To contact me, please e-mail  kathy.trump@matsuk12.us 

    All class assignments can be found on google classroom!


    Last Summer's Adventures (2018)



     I spent a week studying the Supreme Court and heard final decisions of the 2017 term. I met the one and only Notorious RBG.


    Fort Ticonderoga


    I spent a week at Fort Ticonderoga, which is a lovingly reconstructed French and Indian War and Revolutionary War fort.  


    I spent a week at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson


    Summer 2017 Adventures: 

    I spent a week at Freedoms Foundation studying The War on Terror in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania  

    freedoms foundation logo                            Washington's House


                                                                                                            Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge

    Next, I toured Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee as part of the Civil War Trust 


    civil war trust                         The General

    Finally, I spent two weeks in Brooklyn at the Theater for a New Audience studying William Shakespeare as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities











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