• Seventh Grade Life Science

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       Welcome to the webpage for Susitna Valley's Life Science, Physical Science and STEM classes.

    I've been teaching at Su Valley since 1999.  My degree is a Bachelor's of Science from Florida State University in 1990. I was born in New York City and lived there for 16 years, Florida for the next 11, then roved the western U.S. as a National Park ranger for seven years, including four years in Denali National Park, moving to Alaska permanently in 1997. 

    We rarely ever use a textbook and much of my classwork is on Google Classroom. I've been very impressed at how these tools have enabled me to make my coursework much richer and more efficient. 

    • In Seventh Grade Life Science, we'll be going deep into our new understanding of DNA and how it becomes who we are.
    • In high school Biology, we will be going into greater detail in how organisms follow the instructions in DNA to grow, function and reproduce.
    • This year's physical science covers physics, how energy plays with matter and chemistry, how matter plays with energy.
    • The STEM electronics class will move from basic circuit components, to soldering circuits together, making simple music synthesizers and working with Arduino microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi single board computers as well as basic coding.
    In all classes we will learn how science works rather than just memorizing disconnected facts.   If you'd like to see the syllabus for a particular class, please click on one of the course links in the schedule below.
       If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call or email.
    Name: Ed O'Connor
    Email Address: Ed.OConnor@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 733.9337

      • Middle School STEM Electronics
      • Grade 8, 9 Physical Science
      • Grade 7 Life Science
      • High School Biology
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    2 Biology
    3                Seventh Grade Life Science
    Eighth Grade Physical Science
    Ninth Grade Physical Science
    Seventh Grade Life Science
    STEM Electronics



    Mr. O'Connor




    Classwork, homework, tests quizzes and projects will be averaged on a non-weighted basis. A point in any category (i.e. tests, classwork, etc.) has the same value as any other.

    Work that is missed due to an excused absence is not considered late and has the same number of days of the absence to make up.

    Excused absences of longer than one week will require a meeting with Mr. O’Connor to make a plan to get up to speed on the missed work.



    Reviews are provided for tests so there are no surprises to a prepared student. 

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