Abbott & Fenner Sch. $1000 Seniors/Online Application June, 12, 2017
 Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship $1000 Seniors/Online Application June 15, 2017
 Redfin Scholarship    $2500    Seniors/GPA 3.0/Online Application July 31, 2017
 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award    $2500 Seniors/Online ApplicationDec. 31, 2017
Alaska Community Foundation Sch. Varies Seniors/Online Applications Varies
Nitro College Scholarship  $5000 Seniors/Online Applications Varies
 Varsity Tutors Scholarships $1000    16 years of age/Essay submission/Fess for Tutoring  
Chegg Tutors     Online Tutoring/First 30 min. free, then $15 for 30 min.  
Alaska Performance Scholarship Requirements Varies Seniors/2017
Website linked to Colleges/Universities/Sch. Varies Seniors
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Varies Seniors/Must request WUE consideration at time of application for admission/only in Western US/contact the Special Programs Coordinator at (907) 465-6685 or email at
Campus Explorer Exclusive Sch. $1000 Seniors and Juniors/Online Application New sch. every month Varies Check for Individual Requirements/Online Applications Varies
Free SAT PREP Online Study Questions, Tests, Quizzes, Vocabulary
Online Scholarships available to Alaskans    Varies Seniors/Check eligibility for specifics Varies
Online College Programs          Unique List of accredited not-for-profit institutions offering online programs
 Study Resources  Self-guided learning tools, step by step tutorials,Q&A Boards monitored by Professors 
 Question by Question Guide for FAFSA  Need help filling out the FAFSA ~ Check out this site 
 Free ASVAB Review    7 hours of free video tutorials and Practice questions for the ASVAB.  
 Student Loan Guidebook    Information on  Student Loans  
 Financial Aid     Financial Aid for Online Universities  
 Accredited Online Univ. in Alaska     Accredited Online Universities in Alaska  
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