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    2016 - 2017 
    Partners Club Officers

    President: Position Open #1 & #2

    Vice President: Position Open #1 & #2 

    Secretary: Position Open #1 & #2
    Community Service Coordinator: Position Open #1 & #2
    Elections will take place in September. This is a great opportunity to earn community service hours and be apart of something great.
    No leadership experience required, just the desire and commitment. 
    Please inquire with the adviser if you are interested in a co-officer role!  

    Welcome to Palmer High School's

    Partners Club!

    The purpose of Partners Club is to encourage a mentorship between special education students and their peers. This achievement takes place through social events, recreational activities and the unified sports program. Partners compete in bowling during the fall, floor hockey during the winter and track & field during the spring. Throughout the year Partners Club has a variety of social events and recreational activities students may participate in during school, after school and on the weekends.

    Why should I join Partners Club???

    • To help students with developmental disabilities gain a sense of belonging and acceptance here at Palmer High. Athletics and Clubs are the most common ways a student connects with the school and friends.
    • To help students develop friendships outside of their special education program by providing a common bond through unified sports, social events and recreational activities.
    • To help students develop social skills through appropriate inclusion. Research shows that improving social competence is the key to integrating people with disabilities into the community
    • To encourage peers to develop a more accepting attitude towards individuals that may look, act or think differently from themselves. This new attitude will be carried into adulthood
    • Did you know that being an active member of Partners Club looks great on a resume', job or college application! Partners Club is sponsored by Special Olympics Alaska: http://www.specialolympicsalaska.org

    How do I join Partners Club?
    Fill out an club activity form either from the front office or outside of room 1041 and return it to:
                                   simmons               mccall           
    Advisers:  Mrs. Simmons    or    Ms. McCall


    Special-O AK
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