• The IB Program at Palmer High

    Now accepting applications for current 10th graders interested in pursuing the full IB Diploma
    Palmer High School is home to the oldest International Baccalaureate (IB) Program in the state of Alaska, and the only such program in the Mat-Su Borough School District. IB classes are taken during a student's junior and senior year, and offer motivated students an opportunity to grow and accelerate their academic skills and potentially earn college credit while enjoying a traditional high school experience.
    Though academically challenging, these classes reward curiosity, creativity, and initiative. Along with learning subject area content, students develop a subject specific investigation of their choice within each class, allowing them to apply skills and knowledge to an issue or topic of personal interest and relevance. 
    Internationally recognized for student engagement and growth, IB can be customized to fit individual goals and interests. At Palmer High you can:
    • Pursue the IB Diploma
      IB Diploma Candidates follow a rigorous academic pathway across six different subjects while also engaging in a variety of extracurricular activities and objectives. Click  here to find out more about this option.

    • Become an IB Scholar
      Any student can customize their high school experience and take IB classes of personal interest with the potential of earning college credit after successful completion of the course and exam. Click here to find more on the IB classes offered at Palmer High.


    Contact Information
    Palmer High has two new IB Coordinators for the fall of 2023!  Kelsey Kraemer, School Counselor, and Makenzie Moore, IB History of America, will share the coordination duties. 
    Kelsey Kraemer  907.746.8431  kelsey.kraemer@matsuk12.us
    Makenzie Moore 907.746.8475  makenzie.moore@matsuk12.us

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Last Modified on February 29, 2024