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    Name: Coach Korey Packer
    Email Address: korey.packer@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 864-2200
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    Our goal at Finger Lake Elementary is to provide the best education we can for the children we have the pleasure of serving.   As the Physical Education teacher, my goal is to encourage a lifetime love of physical education and teach our kids the skills they will need to reach their own personal goals, now and in the future.  In my class they will develop team building skills, sportsmanship skills, problem solving skills and a healthy self-confidence.
    They will also learn basic human anatomy (muscular and skeletal systems) and personal hygiene.    To have a healthy and fit mind one needs to have a healthy and fit body. 


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    Coach Korey Packer



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     Standards Aligned Report Card Key

    4 - Mastery

    Mastery of grade level standards with few errors  without prompting and support

    3 - Proficient

    Meets grade level standards with minimal prompting and support

    2 - Below proficient but progressing

    Partially meets grade level standards with some adult prompting and support

    1 - Far below proficient

    Performs below grade level standards even with adult prompting and support

    NM- Not measured/evaluated

    Not measured/evaluated

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