Work Co-op is a Career and Technical Education course directly related to the student's career goals.  Co-op is the capstone of an occupational training sequence within a chosen pathway.  Work serves as a practical laboratory for reinforcing the in-school occupational pathway training.  Students receive both pay and school credit for their work.  There is an employer/employee relationship at the job site.  The program provides opportunities for students:


    --to apply to an actual work situation the job skills learned in the classroom

    --to refine personal and job skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment

    --to analyze and react in the classroom to situations encountered on the job


    Cooperative education programs are designed to provide paid work experience for juniors and senior high school level students, which will substantially contribute to their educational and occupational pathway development.  The students' learning experience is divided between classroom instruction related to the work being done on the job and workplace setting.


    The workplace learning is expected to provide the student an introduction to all aspects of the industry and a broad perspective of career opportunities.  Students can expect the workplace to provide opportunities to develop employability skills and technical competencies identified by the industry.  Competencies and skill standards, which have been developed by industry, will be used by the workplace mentor and in school by the teacher coordinator (Mrs. Thiede) to evaluate the student's achievement.


    Please contact Mrs. Thiede at pepper.thiede@matsuk12.us or at school (352-0416) if you have any questions.



Last Modified on November 12, 2008