• Success begins in school. And to be successful, all students need to see the connection between their classroom and the real world. Connections are best made though the Career Pathways course of study. What are Career Pathways?


    Career Pathways are:
    A comprehensive four-year educational plan tailored to meet the needs of each student.

    *Applied academic instruction which helps connect the classroom to the workplace, making school more relevant.
    *Broad groupings of careers that share similar characteristics.
    *Flexible. Students have the option to explore more than one career pathway.
    *Built on state and local labor market information.
    *For all students. Regardless of the post-secondary plans of each student, career pathways can help to better prepare him or her for the future.
    Career & Program of Studies (CTEPS)

    CTEPS coherent, non-duplicative sequences of courses that include official articulation or dual enrollment that formally connects secondary and postsecondary coursework. These sequences of courses begin at the high school level and continue through postsecondary education to culminate in a certificate, degree, or other credential.

     For additional information, please contact the Career and Technical Education Office at (907) 746-9274. 
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Last Modified on January 13, 2020