Physical Science: 1 credit 
                    May be from:  Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics
    Life Science: 1 credit
    Science Electives: 1 credit

    AK wildlife, Oceanography, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Biomedical Science

    Course Description

    Physical Science

    An introductory level survey of chemistry, physics, and astronomy.  A required course typically taken during freshman year.


    A study of the structure and function of living things.  A required course typically taken during sophomore year.


    A study of the composition of matter including reaction of common elements, atomic structure, chemical bonding, and theories. 


    A study of the basic principals of Newtonian Mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, sound, light, optics, and electromagnetism.  Ideal for students pursuing careers in math, science, engineering and technology.

    Anatomy and Physiology

    An upper level elective course studying the structure and function of the human body.  Ideal for students in the health or exercise physiology pathway or for students interested in a greater understanding of the human body.
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