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    Academics have finally found a comfy home at a technical high school! Our mission is to provide a broad general language arts background while including aspects of every pathway. English at Mat-Su Career and Technical High School has a traditional academic curriculum base with the integration of pathway-related materials and assignments throughout the courses. In the end, it is essential for all to see that no matter what the career, academics are important! 


    English I
    English I is a comprehensive course that introduces the skills necessary to analyze and evaluate literature and/or evidence while emphasizing substantiating support in an argument for the young adolescent. The English I student will identify and analyze author’s intent for utilizing literature elements, devices, and tone. The course includes a variety of longer compositions including deeper revisions for style, tone, subtlety and transitions. The conventions of English are applied to increase the sophistication of sentence fluency. Proficient skills in the mechanics of the language are necessary in English I. Content vocabulary is significantly increased. The English I student will also experience impromptu speaking, advanced discussions, and read alouds.
    English II
    English 2 further develops the skills learned in English 1. Literature study continues with various genre of literature. Writing skills continue to be developed through critical analysis of written material with major emphasis on essay writing and thesis statements. Speech and presentation skills, as well as grammar skills, continue to be addressed.
    English III
    English 3 continues the study of Language Arts: listening, speaking, writing and reading, and focusing on American Literature. Major authors, historical events and intellectual currents are investigated. English 3 encourages close literary analysis and critical thinking.
    AP Literature

    This advanced literature course will engage students in careful reading and analysis of a challenging set of literary works from a range of genres including the novel, short story, poetry, and drama. The focus of the course will be on intensive reading and discussion of the literature, as well introduce secondary critical essays for discussion and evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on thoughtful and cogent analysis of the readings using a variety of theoretical frameworks and devices. The course is intended to provide students with an academic experience parallel to that of a college level literature course.

    This class provides an introduction to the basic skills and techniques of individual and group communications, both speaking and listening. Speech is designed to help instill self-confidence and poise in situations requiring oral communication. This course includes individual speaking and group discussions. It may also include parliamentary procedure.
    Technical Writing I
    Technical Writing 1 centers on real-world on-the-job writing. Course work for Technical Writing 1 focuses on: workplace communication; teamwork; and elements of a successful job search. Skill development includes: business correspondence (memos and letters); reading, listening, and speaking skills in the workplace; an examination of communications technology (e-mail, appropriate document formatting, correspondence, and report writing).
    Technical Writing II
    Technical Writing 2 focuses on: data collection/interviews and surveys; writing technical documents; writing basics; graphics and visuals descriptions, instructions, training manuals; writing technical reports (informational, scientific, specialized); writing for publication (media releases, newsletters, advertising copy etc.); real world simulations. Careers in this area might include technical writers, public information specialists, and journalists. This course would also benefit students preparing for scientific or mathematical careers.
    Helpful Resources

    Shakespeare! Sparknotes is a credible Internet site that offers a modern “translated”version of Shakespeare’s greatest works. 



    Examples and Writing! Write Source is a site for students and instructors from kindergarten through twelfth grade offering information and examples on citations and essays.



    Citations and Bibliography!  Noodle Tools provides an accurate MLA, APA,and Chicago/Turabian bibliography composer.

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