• Mat-Su Career & Tech High

    2472 N Seward Meridian

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to help students succeed in the Career Pathways that they may choose through educational experiences based on a Career Academy Model.


    School Mascot: Siberian Tiger
    School Colors: Black and White

     Career Academy Model

    A systemic approach to addressing the challenges young people face as they confront the demands of high school and prepare for post-secondary education and the world of work.  Career Academies are typically defined by three (3) distinguishing features:

    1)  Small learning communities to create more supportive, personalized learning environments

    2)  Combining of academic and CTE curricula around a career theme to enrich teaching and learning

    3)  Establish partnerships with local employers to provide career awareness and work-based learning opportunities

    For more information, see the National Career Academy Coalition website.

     Career Pathways:  A comprehensive four-year educational plan tailored to meet the needs of each student.

     Procedures to get into CTHS: Students seeking full-time admission to the Mat-Su Career and Technical High School must:

    1. Complete and submit an application. Our application opens in November for the the following school year. Check our web-site.

    2. Student must write a one-page essay explaining why they desire admission to the Mat-Su Career and Technical High School including the skills, abilities, and/or attitudes they have to offer. Also, they should provide any additional information which may be helpful in the selection process. The essay question is: What can you do for Career Tech, and what can Career Tech do for you.

    3. Participate in an interview with their parents or guardian conducted by the Mat-Su Career and Technical High School administrator.

    4. All applicants must attain a score at or above the school’s designated range on a math placement test.


    Tech Prep classes: Tech Prep is a way to start a college major in high school.  In a Tech Prep program, the student begins courses of study in high school and continues in postsecondary or apprenticeship programs.  Tech Prep is designed to prepare any student to enter and succeed in a postsecondary institution or career.






Last Modified on September 9, 2020