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    Señora Verplancke                                                                                                        Verplancke

    Email Address: paula.verplancke@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352-0493


    Paula Verplancke is an enthusiastic K-12 certified teacher with over 20 years of academic instruction and classroom management experience. She joined the CTHS staff in 2007.  Señora Verplancke´s dedication and leadership skills extend far beyond classroom instruction. Students in her classes are encouraged to travel and experience the Hispanic culture first hand.  


    Señora Verplancke is currently teaching Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3. Her teaching philosophy is based on the idea that it is her job to awaken and encourage students to learn.  She strongly believes in actively involving students in the learning process through active participation in group activities, exploration and discovery,and meaningful presentations.  According to señora Verplancke our society has experienced many changes in the past fifty years.  The need to become culturally aware has increased as we share goals, expectations, and dreams with people from other countries.   Students in her class can expect various cultural learning experiences!

    Horario /Class Schedule

    Primera hora

    Español 1

    Segunda hora

    Español 2

    Tercera hora

    Español 1

    Cuarta hora

    Español 3

    Quinta hora

    Español 2

    Sexta hora

    Español 2


    My Grading Policy
    • Employability Skills: 10%      
    • Classwork and Assignments: 20%
    • Tests and Quizzes: 50%
    • Final Exam: 20%


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