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    Name: Connie Stahle
    Email Address: connie.stahle@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352-0417
    Fax Number:       (907)  352-0479

    Hello all!
    I came to Alaska in 1988 while working as a traveling nurse but I have been fortunate to work overseas and in many lower 48 states before making this my home. I am grateful for my years of experience as a nurse in NICU, Med-Surg/ER, Family Practice, Pediatrics and as a clinical nurse in an Orthopedic Surgery Practice. These varied field specialties will all be tapped into as your school nurse! As a plug for the nursing profession...it offers a wide variety of jobs and schedules within the nursing field with a HIGH degree of job satisfaction at the end of a work day!  
    Monday-Friday 7:40a.m.-1:38p.m.



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