• Welcome Students!

    I am very excited for all of the wonderful things that will be happening this year at CTHS!

    As the Student Government Advisor I'd like to personally encourage students to get involved in our school community.  Student Government meets every Tuesday after school in room 192 and all are welcome!
     Mrs. Jackson
    Register to Vote! 
    Voter registration in Alaska has finally made it to the 21st century and is available online as long as you have a valid Alaska Driver's License or state ID. Just go to www.elections.alaska.gov and click on voter registration. If you don't have either of these or if you have ANY questions I am a registrar for the State of Alaska and can get you registered to vote right here at school using good old fashioned paper and pen. You can register to vote up to 90 days ahead of your 18th birthday. Stop by at lunch or after school and get registered! 
     Register to Vote
    Mrs. Jackson's Schedule:                 

    Period 1: Russian I 

                   Google Classroom Code:  wyid6ck


    Period 2: Russian I 

                    Google Classroom Code:  2teutsv


    Period 3: US Government 

                   Apex code:  V1222828

                  Google Classroom Code:  hu7jinl


    Period 4: US History  

                    Apex code:  V9550878

                    Google Classroom Code:  53fhjh7


    Period 5: US History  

                    Apex code:  V2860942 

                    Google Classroom Code:  t2ruihm


    Period 6: US History 

                    Apex code: V1939861

                    Google Classroom Code:  3l77fcp

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