Welcome to Sarah Park's Web Page
    Name: Sarah Parks
    Email Address: sarah.parks@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352-0416

    Sarah Parks joins the CTHS staff with many years of experience having taught for over 36 years as a Family & Consumer Sciences, Health, Physical Education, and Work Co-op Teacher.   Sarah taught at Houston High School for four years, Houston Jr./Sr. H.S. for 17 years, and Wasilla High School for one year.  Sarah taught in Indiana for 13 years before coming to Alaska.

    Sarah is excited to be working with students who are learning employability skills in their current pathway and anxious to use their knowledge in a worked base learning experience.  Students could be placed in a paid or non-paid internship, externship, mentorship, or a job shadow setting to gain hands-on experience in their pathway.  Some students will earn credits for obtaining a job related to their pathway while working with the employer and Mrs. Parks to accomplish their learning goals. Job site visits will occur during the semester which includes visiting with the manager alone and with the students while working in their job setting. 

    Sarah assists students with their transitioning from high school to a job or continuing with post-secondary education goals.






    My Grading Policy

    Students will receive a “P” for Passing.  No letter grades are given for Work Coop.

Last Modified on November 5, 2008