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    Bob Knutson was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. His parents were both educators. His dad taught English, and his mom taught Home Ec. He graduated from Rapid City Central High School. In high school he played Football, Basketball, Baseball, and ran Cross Country and Track. This is his 24th year in a classroom. He taught in Rapid City for 11 years, two years in Dillingham, back to Rapid City for two more years, one year in Ketchikan, and this is his 9th year at Houston High School.

    Mr. Knutson has been married for 15 years to his wife Nancy. He has four kids, Garrett, Ellen, Jens, and Sassa. On his off time he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, biking, hiking, and watching the Seahawks play.


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    A=90 to 100%

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    D=60 to 69%
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