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    Robotics, Computer Science, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Media

  • Name: Mr. Brian Mead
    Email Address: brian.mead@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 861-5585

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. This is the place to find lessons, assignments, hints, and lots of great resource links. I'm looking forward to this year, meeting new students and seeing returning ones.

    My Grading Policy

    My basic premise is that students should pass the course if they can demonstrate the skills expected at the grade level of the course. Whether they earn an A, B, C, or D is determined by the quality of work, depth of understanding, and ability to complete assignments within an appropriate time frame.

    Most of my class grades use weighted grades where lessons that are used for learning are considered as practice and leave room for error (as the process of learning develops) and all points in this category typically constitute 30% of the total grade for the class. There is more leniency for late work if turned in where the work is still in context to what is being taught. Assessment grades, such as tests, quizzes, projects, and formal essays test a student's current skill level and abilities; therefore, late work affects the grade. Assessment grades constitute 70% of the total class grade as it should reflect a student's ability and current knowledge. A third category called feedback is provided. Items show points, but the points are not calculated into the final grade; they are for feedback only. It is weighted at 0% and doesn't calculate into the final grade, but does report on behavior, timeliness, and whether non-academic assignments (like return of syllabus or lab fees) have been submitted.
    Media and Journalism students:
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