Mr. Lussow

    Coronavirus grading-  Your grade will not go down if you don’t complete the supplemental journal activities. Your grade can only go up. So if you are happy with your grade, work on your other classes, complete make up work for this class and most of all take care of yourself and your family. 

    Name: Mr. Tim Lussow
    Email Address: Tim.Lussow@matsuk12.us


    Time Class
    1st period Alaska wildlife
    2nd period
    Alaska Wildlife
    3rd period
    Alaska Wildlife
    4th period Biology
    5th period Biology
    6th period
    Alaska Wildlife
    7th period




    My Grading Policy
    Total Points will reflect the weight of a given assignment
    • A = Superior achievement
      B = Above average achievement
      C = Average achievement
      D = Below average achievement
      F = Failure to successfully complete coursework.
Last Modified on March 26, 2020