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    Name: Mr. Example Teacher
    Email Address: example.teacher@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 745-5555

    Welcome to the new school year.  I am excited about this year and hope we will all be able to learn a lot.  Parents, I welcome input and suggestions from you at any time.  Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year.
    Time Class
    7:20-8.20 Biology I, Section a
    8:30-9:30 Biology I, Section b
    9:40-10:40 Biology II
    11:50-12:50 Chemistry
    1:00-2:00 Physical Science


    Example Teacher


    My Grading Policy
    Total Points will reflect the weight of a given assignment
    • Homework: 10%
    • Assignments: 60%
    • Assessments: 30%
Last Modified on August 12, 2009