Welcome to Tabitha Sherman's Webpage
    Name: Tabitha Sherman
    Email Address: tabitha.sherman@matsuk12.us

    Phone number: (907) 861-5595

    SPED Assistant
    Welcome to my website. I work with intensive resource students in a variety of classes. 

    Time Class
    1st hour Physical Science-Scruggs-room. 1069
    2nd hour American Sign Language I-Cappa-room 1043
    3rd hour American Sign Language II-Cappa-room 1043
    4th hour Cinema as Art-Townsend-room 1054       B Lunch
    5th hour Forensics-Hronkin-room 1055A
    6th hour Read 180-Shepard-room 1051
    7th hour Academic Assistance-Pfaff-room 1072
    Tabitha Hooker

    Tabitha Sherman


    summer 2018
Last Modified on November 12, 2018