• 8/8/20:  Parent/Athlete Video  DUE 8/14/20

    The link for the parent athlete video, meeting agenda and signature page are on the Colony High School Athletics website and found below. 


    It is expected that all parents/guardians and the athlete view the video or read through the agenda, and then sign the signature page (all of which can be done online) by Friday August 14th, 2020. 
    Should you have any technical difficulties, please feel free to print off the agenda and the signature page and turn it in to the school or one of the Coaches.

    Parent/Athlete Video, Agenda & Signature page




    No in person parent meeting tomorrow Tuesday, August 4th.

    CHANGE- All parents/athletes will be expected to watch a pre-recorded message from Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Johnston.  This recorded message will be available on the Colony High School Athletics webpage on Friday August 7th.

    Once you (parents/athletes) have viewed the video, ONE of you will need to fill out the Google Form (also on the CHS Athletics webpage) and click submit stating that you have watched the video or read through the agenda (important info). We are encouraging all athletes/parents to view this by next Friday Aug. 14th This pre-recorded message will be online starting Friday Aug. 7th at 3pm. 



    Revised Race Schedule

    8/4/20      Mandatory Parent/Athlete meeting 6:30 pm in large gym 
    8/5/20:     Change to Eklutna @ noon -Bus provided
    8/14/20    Twilight Meet at Colony High School  
    8/22/20:    Redington Meet
    8/29/20:   Colony Invite
    9/12/20:   Palmer Invite
    9/18/20:   Seward  (Roster TBD)
    9/19/20:   Wasilla Invite
    9/26/20:   Su Valley or Houston Meet
    10/2-3/20:   Regionals Soldotna (bus provided)
    10/10/20:   State Bartlett (Roster TBD)
    10/13/20:   XC Banquet




    Per School Board policy, everyone (coaches and athletes) will be required to wear masks inside and outside. 

    Athletes will not have to wear a mask when engaging in physical activity but will need to keep them on when in social settings (checking in for Attendance, team meetings, bus rides, classroom meetings, waiting to use weight equipment, etc). 


    Update 7/30/20

    1. Coach LeCount has created a daily check-in on Google Classroom. Please log in (use you MatSu account) not personal) and complete the 5 mandatory Covid questions daily before practice. Class code: logsiso

    2. Bring any rider or driver forms, Covid Waiver, etc. to practice at Kin-Win today.

    3. Double check that you are GREEN on Planet HS.



    Update 7/28/20

     • Anyone who has registered on PlanetHS needs to log back in and sign the new COVID-19 Waiver and Release Form. This was just updated yesterday afternoon. 

    • Athletes that have NOT registered on PlanetHS, paid their sports fee and have a signed MSBSD waiver on file will not be able to participate. The MSBSD form needs to be printed and signed by both athlete and parent and brought tomorrow. This cannot be signed on-line.  

    • There will be NO in person registration for cross country at the school tomorrow. Please make sure you have done everything at home or your athlete CANNOT participate.

    Just a reminder of what needs to be done before an athlete may practice:
    o Athletes MUST have a MSBSD COVID Waiver signed BEFORE they can participate. This is not the same form as what is on PlanetHS.
    o Have a current physical that will last throughout the season.
    o Activity fee is $200 and $100 for free or reduced lunch pay this on https://matsu.schoolcashonline.com
    o Register on www.PlanetHS.com
    o Sign the COVID waiver that is on PlanetHS-this was updated yesterday afternoon

    o Driver/Rider forms is you are driving others or want to ride with someone other than you sibling or parent.

    o Bring to Practice: Water bottle, watch, required MSBSD waiver & Driver/Rider form, phone, mask, own hand sanitizer?

    • If you have issues signing up on PlanetHS or paying on School Cash, please contact the school. Specifically, Julie Link at 861-5514.

    • There is a mandatory cross country meeting for parents and athletes on August 4th- 6:30PM at Colony High School in the large gym. This meeting will also be recorded and uploaded onto the CHS website for those who do not want to attend in person.




    Update: 7/27

    • Skinny Raven changed the discount format.  Discounts on shoes and gear are now avaiable multiple days and during normal store hours.  Please see side link for details.
    • Forms are now live on Planet HS.  Please check that you have ALL required items done when you come on Wednesday so that you can practice:)
    • We have a parent that has volunteered to make team masks for us.  Each one with your name!  We will not run with them, but will be used when we cannot social distance.



    Update: 7/24 (See XC webpage)

    • First day of practice 7/29 @ CHS (In commons mandatory checklist before running)
    • NEW Mandatory requirement – Athletes MUST have an MSBSD COVID Waiver signed BEFORE they can participate. (COVID Student Permission Slip to Participate) download, sign and bring to your first practice (side link of website)
    • Slight change in Practice & Race Schedule -  (see side link of website)
    • Requesting everyone wear masks when unable to social distance. More mitigation information coming next week from district office and ASAA (Alaska School Activities Assoc.)
    • Each practice will require a check in to Coach LeCount for attendance and to complete the five questions;                     (Fever?  Cough?  Sore Throat?  Shortness of Breath?)
    • Please read the NFHS document (Cross Country Considerations) page 2 for students & parents (on website)
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