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    I grew up in Moscow, Russia. I work with kids who speak other languages and are learning English. Travel, movies and spending time with my family are some of my favorite things to do.


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    Name: Mrs. Olga Fontaine, ESL teacher
    Phone: (907) 352-9454



    English as a Second Language Program
       Our ESL Program (English as a Second Language) provides academic English language learning for students whose native language is other than English. It is also provides academic assistance in all areas of school curriculum. The ESL Program focuses on the academic skills encountered in regular classrooms, as well as adjustment to and understanding of American culture.
       Students who qualify for ESL support are able to take state-mandated tests in a small group setting. We provide clarification of directions and unlimited testing time. 
       If your child is being raised in a family where he/she is exposed to or speaks languages other then English, please fill out our Language Questioner. 
     Immigrants have gifts that prime them for success:
       They see this country with fresh eyes, spotting chances others miss. Many find that though the U.S. playing field is not entirely level, it still is possible to start from scratch and wind up owning a home and sending children to college. Many possess excellent free university educations from countries where they could not put their training to use because of high unemployment, corruption or class or ethnic barriers.
       They rely on family and on huge amounts of hard work, are averse to debt and use informal networks of relatives and acquaintances over banks and lawyers to help them exploit opportunities.
       Some credit poverty with training them in frugality and freeing them from aspirations for an expensive home, car and lifestyle.
         From: "Six Secrets of Successful Immigrants" by Marilyn Lewis
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