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    Name: Mr. George Chapman
    Email Address: George.Chapman@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 352-5300


    STEAM - Shop Teacher

    George was born on January 21st in Whitewater, Wisconsin. He has been teaching for 22 years, and 20 of them have been in Alaska. What he likes most about teaching is that it’s fun, he enjoys working with people and he loves math and science. George has four children that are from the ages of 14 to 24 years old. His hobbies include any outdoor activities, building things, and watching action movies and he has traveled many places across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Steam Team

    Wasilla Middle School











    Welcome to the STEAM Team! This year we will be working together to incorporate Coding,  STEM, Art and Industrial Tech to create some awesome projects.  Assignments will be submitted to Google Classroom.


    Classroom Participation

    Your participation in the class will be the key to your success.  If you show up to class ready to work, you will succeed.


    Grading Policy

    We are venturing away from traditional grading for STEAM this year. Students will be using Project Based Learning rubrics in order to keep track of assignments and to assess learning. You will earn a 1 for work that is incomplete or still developing. You will earn a 2 for satisfactory work and work that has fulfilled the minimum requirements. You will earn a 3 for work that exceeds the minimum requirements. At the end of the quarter you will be graded on a pass/fail grading system.


    Classroom Rules

    1) Come to class prepared every day.

    2) Be on time.

    3) Respect personal space.

    4) Work during all work times.

    5) Follow adult directions.

    6) No cheating.  Cheating will be rewarded with a trip to the SRC.

    7) Clean language at all times.

    8) Act professionally and safely in the classroom. Do not sit on desks, floor, or put your feet on desks or chairs. This is a work environment.

    9) No food or drink in the classroom.

    10) No vandalism to computers or property.

    11) Observe all safety rules and clean up your work space.



    Classroom Procedures

    *The beginning of class- All students should be in their assigned seats when the bell rings. Industrial Tech students should line up outside of the class. You should follow expectations for the classroom.


    *Dismissal from class-

          *I will stop instruction 5  minutes before the end of class.

          *Students will clean up their area.


          * Students push in their chairs and quietly stand behind their chairs.

          * Students will be dismissed after the area is inspected. Teacher dismisses students, not the bell.


    *Bathroom and Nurse- Raise your hand and ask to use the bathroom/ see the nurse.


    *Fire Drill- Line up in a single-file line.  The first person in line grabs the red pack. Walk calmly and silently out the front door. Go out to the parking lot and wait for further instructions.


    *Substitute teachers and guest speakers- Everyone should be treated with respect. Be polite. Be flexible. Be helpful. The substitute will not teach the way I do. The sub will be following my plan. Follow the directions as given.






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