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    May, 2019: All River Rangers activities were cancelled this year, due to in-person school closure associated with the COVID pandemic.
    May, 2018: Students once again studied stream ecology of the Little Su near Schrock Road.
    May, 2017: We continued our long-term study of the Little Susitna River at Schrock Road.
    May, 2016: Students visited the Little Susitna River near Schrock Road, where they measured stream flow, identified and counted macroinvertebrates, assessed water chemistry, and learned about the importance of the riparian zone. 
    May, 2015: Students studied stream ecology at the Little Susitna River near Sushana Road. 
    May, 2014: Students studied water quality and continued our habitat restoration project along the Little Susitna River near Welch Road. Our work was highlighted on our district's webpage here.
    May, 2013: Students studied water quality and cleaned up trash at Cottonwood Creek in downtown Wasilla.
    Oct, 2012: An information page on River Rangers was posted on the MSBSD website. Click here to view the page that was posted.
    August, 2012 News: Previous River Rangers students Zach Neubauer and Jade Gilpin, along with Mr. Buchanan, took part in the filming of an episode of the national TV show "Aqua Kids" at Cottonwood Creek. We expect this episode to be aired on local TV (Channel 11, KTVA) sometime in January or February, 2013.
    Aqua Kids Filming
    February 2012 News: Molly Bishop, a TMS 8th grader, presented her movie titled "Two Amazing Rivers" during the Youth and Adult Environment Project Showcase at the 2012 Alaska Forum on the Environment. This movie, which she created as a final project for her 7th grade science class, describes the River Rangers program from the perspective of a student. Click to view below:
    Two Amazing Rivers (4 MB, .mp4)
    Two Amazing Rivers (25 MB, .wmv)
    2011 News: The TMS River Rangers received an Outstanding Achievement Award at the AFE Conference .
    River Rangers Overview: Environmental Education Slide Show
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