• Bienvenidos,  I am Mr. Aaron Mitchell.  I teach Spanish, and Psychology here at Colony High School.  Welcome to my class!
    Google Classroom
    Important information is commumicated via Google Classroom.  Below are the classroom codes for each class.
    1st Period Spanish 1 - e25891w
    2nd Period Spanish 3 - yjpy0q
    3rd - Prep
    4th Period Spanish 4/5 - duvabw
    5th Period AP Psych - 2e4z5q
    6th Period Spanish 3 - 3teweb
    7th Period Spanish 1 - bcymc6

     Spanish T-Shirts Are Here!

    If you ordered one, come to my room to get it.

    If you want one, we have extra.  Short Sleeved - $10    Long Sleeved - $15

    Each year we order a T-Shirt for Spanish students.  T-Shirts are not mandatory, but on certain days, when we have Spanish celebrations or other activities, we encourage all Spanish students to wear their shirts.  If a student wants a shirt, but doesn't feel they can afford it at this time, they should talk with Sr. Mitchell or Sr. Rice.


    With Aubrey on Pont Neuf With Nathan at Taj
    Señor Aaron Mitchell
    School Phone: 907 861-5543

    Class Schedule

    1st     Spanish 1
    2nd    Spanish 3
    3rd     Prep
    A Lunch 
    4th     Spanish 4/5
    5th     AP Psychology
    6th     Spanish 3
    7th     Spanish 1
Last Modified on January 5, 2019