• At Home Apex - PHS iTech Orientation


    Complete the following activities, which will prepare you for the Orientation Test on Google Classroom.   


    Begin: Print the PHS Orientation Check List or come to the PHS Cyber Center Classroom and I will give you a checklist.  Use it as you complete the orientation.


    Read the PDFs below and complete the activities in the order in which they are presented.  


    1. Communication - pdf


    • Join Remind – Code: apexsmith


    2. Apex Dashboard - pdf


    • Click your Name and change or enter your information in your PROFILE.


    3. Making a Folder in Google Drive - pdf


    • Create a folder and name it your course name and semester.  For example, Eng 3 S2.


    4. Notebookpdf – (See me if you want to use a physical binder)


    5. Contract and Agreementpdf - (See me if you want to use a physical binder)


    To Do

    • Download the Contract packet from Mr. Smith’s webpage.
    • Enter my name a date in the fillable portions of the document.
    • Upload the packet into my Guides folder.
    • Make a sharable folder link and email them to Mr. Smith at randy.smith@matsuk12.us.


    Download Student Packet


    If you are unable to enter your name into the fillable blanks, email me at randy.smith@matsuk12.us and tell me that you agree to the terms.


    6. Template - pdf


    To Do

    Make sure that you "Make a copy" of the template.


    Below is the Google Docs sharable link to the template.




    A MUST know - Copying and Pasting Assignments


    Copying and Pasting Assignments


    7. Goals - pdf


    To Do

    Goal questions


    Answer the following questions.

    • Write three reasons for taking an online course
    • Write your goals for the semester (completing one course, two courses, graduate early, etc.).
    • Write three things that you would like to share about yourself, school appropriate.


    8. Email Goals - pdf


    9. Apex Progress Report - pdf


    10. Due Dates, Grades, and Grading - pdf


    11. Zones - pdf


    12. Policies and Procedures - pdf


    13. Plagiarism - pdf - Required only for students enrolled in English, Electives, Social Science, and Science courses.  Students enrolled in Mathematics and World Languages courses are not required to complete.


    To Do

    Read information about plagiarism.  




    To Do

    Click on the link below and watch the video “Understanding Plagiarism with Help from Dr. Seuss.”  Watch the video from 3:52 to 14:50.  I encourage you to take notes because you will be tested on the information.




    To Do

    Click on the link https://www.turnitin.com/static/plagiarism-quiz/


    • Take the quiz and email me the results (DON'T USE THE EMAIL BUTTON ON THE RESULTS WEBPAGE, IT DOES NOT WORK, PRINT SCREEN OR TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOUR CELL).  You must pass the quiz with 11 or better. 
    • Remember to include the proper subject line (Course Semester Assignment, for example Eng 3 S1 Plagiarism).  My email address is Randy.Smith@matsuk12.us.    















    14. Getting Started- pdf


    To Do

    Complete Apex Getting Started assignment. 


    Log into Apex.  Watch the video and complete the online quiz. 


    • Download the Certificate of Completion pdf, use the Certificate activity dropdown attach it to an Apex Message system, enter your course semester and assignment (Certificate) in the subject line, email it to Mr. Smith.
    • Use the Apex Message system, open a message, enter the iTECH heading in the message body, write an introduction message to your virtual teacher, tell your virtual teacher your first and last name, school, mentor, and three facts about yourself. 
    • Use the Certificate activity dropdown attach Certificate of Completion pdf to an Apex Message system, enter your course semester and assignment (Certificate) in the subject line, and email it to your virtual teacher.


    Instructions for students who just need to download the certificate, those who have completed the Getting Started.  How to download certificate after completing Getting Started.


    Bring this checklist to me (Mr. Smith) or take photo of each page and email it to me so I can verify that you’ve completed the Orientation.


    After I have verified that you have completed your orientation, Email me at randy.smith@matsuk12.us and I will provide you with the Google Classroom code.


    When you are ready to test, you must make sure that all your assignments (all study guides and graded assignments) are completed, sign up for the testing with Mr. Smith (email me when you are ready to be tested and we decide a date and time), take out your syllabus of your binder, turn to your first assignment to be checked in your packet, use your cell and computer to Zoom (cell directed toward you monitor), show me you one pager, and complete your cst in one Zoom meeting.


Last Modified on September 16, 2020