• Welcome Back!

    Feb 15th and 16th Conference Zoom Link 

    Just about EVERYTHING has moved to Google Classroom. To access:
    1.) Do an internet search for "google classroom" and open it.
    2.) Sign in using your student ID like this - AB123456@apps.matsuk12.us and it will take you to a district site.
    3.) At the district site, which automatically opens after step #2, use the same login credentials as in the school computer lab.
    4.) Next, Google Classroom will ask for your class code (below and on your syllabus) and go ahead and enter it.
    5.) Finally, if everything goes well, you should be in Google Classroom. Do explore!
    Google Classroom Class Codes
    Algebra I: khq4ju4 
    ADV 7:  wp5ldsn
    Math 7: tczmckm
    Geometry: 36iyzlo
    APEX Class Codes
    Available in Google Classroom in the Syllabus
    "At Home" parents and students, check your emails as I sent them on 8/20/20 to you :-)
    BAE in Education and Mathematics
    MAS in Mathematics Education
    HQ in all Mathematics and Science Coursework
    I like math :-)
    If you're curious about went on in class today, please go to the appropriate Google Classroom page.
    Textbook/Publisher Link
    1.) go to MSBSD webpage and student links
    2.) select MATH/LA secondary
    3.) log on using your normal school username and password
    Class Rules
     A Great Day!
    A Recent BAD MATH DAY!!!!
    Bad Math Day


Last Modified on February 15, 2021