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    2024 PJMS Girls Volleyball Season

    7th and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball starts Monday, January 8th.

    6th Grade Girls Volleyball starts Monday, March 4th.
    Boys Volleyball Club starts Tuesday, February 27th. ($20 club fee)

     Get these turned in to the office BEFORE tryouts:

    • Current physical
    • Planet HS registration
    • $100.00 Sports Fee

    Required Equipment/Clothing:

    • kneepads
    • athletic shoes
    • athletic shorts or pants (no jeans)
    • athletic shirt (no tank tops)
    • athletic socks
    • water bottle filled with water
    • AWESOME volleyball attitude

    NOTE: Jewelry is not worn during competitions. We practice like we play. Jewelry is not worn during practice.

    Palmer Jr. Middle School
    Volleyball Coaching Staff

    (8th Grade Girls)

    Robin Cunningham

    Jr. Varsity
    (7th Grade Girls)

    Diane Clawson

    C Team
    (7th-8th Grade Girls)

    Tiffany Secoy

    6th Grade 
    (6th Grade Girls)

    Robin Cunningham

    Tiffany Secoy

    Boys Volleyball Club
    6th, 7th, 8th Grade Boys

    Diane Clawson

    Athletic Eligibility

    1. Students must maintain A, B, C, or D grades to be eligible to compete.
    2. Student athletes who are ineligible may practice (at the coach's discretion), but may not compete until eligibility is re-established.
    3. Students must attend all classes on competition days.
    4. Practices are closed and are for athletes, managers, and coaches only. Siblings and friends of players are not to remain on school grounds after school unless otherwise chaperoned by a PJM staff member.



Last Modified on January 4, 2024