Mr. Sawyer is an 13 year veteran of of the Matanuska-Borough School District who implements best-practice instructional strategies in order to create and maintain a rich and productive learning environment.  Students participating in Mr. Sawyer's classes will experience a technology infused model of learning with every student having access to a Google Chromebook laptop and Google Classroom.  Students will work collaboratively in a Flex Model Classroom in order to ensure a safe and welcoming environment where all students can learn.  
    On this website, you will be able to find my contact information, class schedule, course syllabus, course calendar and links to our curriculum.
    Please feel free to email me at the address below, call my office telephone, or come in to observe through the year to keep in touch with me.  I welcome your active role and input.
    Thank you.                                         

    Period 1:

    Customer Service

    Period 2:


    Period 3:

    Customer Service

    Period 4:

    Project Management:


    Mon/Fri  7:45-8:32

    Tues/Thur  7:45-8:53

    Mon/Fri  8:38-9:24

    Tues 9:19-10:26

    Wed 7:45-8:32

    Mon/Fri  9:30-10:16

    Wed/Thur 9:19-10:26

    Mon/Fri  10:52-11:39



    Period 5:


     Period 6:
    Desktop Publish
     Period 7:



    Mon/Fri 11:45-12:31

    Tues/Thur 11:55-1:02

    Mon/Fri  12:37-1:23

    Tues 1:08-2:15

    Thurs  11:55-1:02

    Mon/Fri  1:29-2:15

    Wed/Thur  1:08-2:15



     Class Schedule
    Contact Information:
    Beau Sawyer | Career and Tech Education
    Teaching Effectively, Learning Successfully
    Colony High School | 907.861.5403
    Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District
Last Modified on October 18, 2018