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    Name: Toby Lambert
    Email Address: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
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    To Parents/Students:
    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. There is lots of info on this site. Enjoy.
    -There is a Zoom CMS music open house meeting on August 24 at 7PM.   I will send out the zoom link closer to that date.  I cannot stress this enough that if you are available (someone in the family), I really think you should attend it.   This affects in person and online students.  I will be focusing on a lot the changes to this program with the Covid-19 stuff (both music and theater). 
    -6th Grade Band Workshop (these will be at CMS with only a few students-I have to do these workshop because of the equipment is at the school):

     For Percussionist: Friday, Aug. 14: 3:00-4:30 PM (introduces the students to new percussion equipment, learn where things are kept, expectations for care and maintenance of equipment, get percussion music and assignments of instruments, get audition playing test material.

    For Clarinets and Bass Clarinets: Tuesday, Aug 18: 3:00-4:30 PM (will work on playing over the break on the clarinets, will learn the Concert Bb scale for high notes, will work on reed control, will get audition playing test material.).  Students need to bring their music, music book, clarinet and good working reeds.

    Directions to get into CMS that nightYou will need to drive around the back of CMS (as you enter the CMS parking lot, there is a back road that goes behind CMS to the baseball fields).   There will be a couple doors open by the cafeteria (you will see 2 basketball hopes and 2 Conex storage bins on the left as you drive down the road-doors will be in that area).

    -CMS Music Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will start around July 15.   I will need to contact families (phone and/or email) to register students for the new year.   Returning students/families, I will use the survey form that was sent out at the end of the last school year as the registration info.  As for new students, I will need to get several pieces of information to register you.  If you just contact the school concelsors, they will just forward you to me to actually register students.
    THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS SCHOOL YEAR AND REGISTRATION.  This info will be changing a lot as we get closer to the school year and I will be getting more direction about what to do as the year starts.  As for 6/22/20 here is what you need to keep in mind as we will start.
       1. I am planning to register students as they need to be placed into classes as normal. 
       2.  Based on data that I have been researching since April, I am not sure how much singing/wind instrument playing we will be able to do in my classroom.   Coronavirus is an airborne disease and because of that singing/brass/woodwind instruments can spread it faster and over larger areas than just your normal sit down classroom.   All the research I have seen says you need plenty of space, good cross ventalation and high ceiling to even make the room usable for music groups to work together.  Masks can't be used for woodwinds and brass (mouthpiece).  For singing you could but it is harder to breathe and it is harder to work on enouncations/pitch with it on.   Instead of 6 ft social distance, you need at least 10 ft for spacing, with 14 foot ceiling and good ventalation.   My band room has 14 feet ceiling at the front of the room but only 9 feet at the top.  I have no windows (I am underground) so the only ventlation I have is the 4 vents (2 for air coming out and 2 for return air) in the "office side" of the room (all the air has to go in and out on the same side instead of crossing the room and exiting out that way).  This may limit a lot of what I can do safely. 
       3. Percussion and strings are not as bad shape, but you still need space.   Percussion have to share instruments/mallets alot and they will need to wash their hands coming in the room and after using the sticks.   Strings just need space at this time. As long as they keep their equipment clean and don't share music/music stands/rosin/etc.... they can wear masks and still play.  Of all my groups, this one would have the lowest concern factor for safety.
       4. Concerts and performances are up in the air.  I am giving out a calendar as if it is normal, but we may not be able to actually hold a concert (with families).  If that is the case and we are working on material, I will record the students and the "concert day" in class and send that out for people to listen to. 
       5. If we start the year as normal (like last fall), things will go as they would normally go (space, schedule, concerts).
       6. If we are starting the year in a 1/2 time in school and 1/2 time online, some things maybe able to usable still.  I maybe able to do handbell work in my choir (does not require as much "air" as singing) and band will have to be spaced out.  If the "risk" is too great for people to get sick, I will resort to what I plan to do with the online set-up.  Also, if we are in this 1/2 and 1/2, I can start new orchestra students on their instruments as long as they are in the room with me (start up players does not work on zoom very well because I have to be able to see and physically help them out with the instruments-students who learn "bad habbits" can risk physical damage to muscles not to mention they learn music wrong).  
       7. If we start the year online setting (or go to online very soon after the year starts due to an outbreak), families will have a choice to make about music (a lot of this depends on what the district allows for me to do).   If it is like last spring set-up, my class ended up not being band/choir/orchestra but rather a music appreciation class (weekly music assignment on general musical topics-very little playing).  For some this worked fine, for others it was not helpful and for some there was no engagement with the class.  I found I could not really teach them new performance technique very well (I can make videos, but I have no idea if the student even tried to do them and if they could actually did them correctly.  A lot of times students try but they miss one thing and they are learning it wrong and I can't help them because I don't know.)  So for this year, families can choose an music appreciation set-up (weekly assignments on broad music topics) or a more involved activity of bi-weekly private lessons (sings or playing) with Lambert on zoom (one on one or very small group with solo playing/singing assignments due in).  All "new music students" (like beginning orchestra players) may or may not be able to do the lessons set-up if we have not had enough classroom time to get this going.  If we start the year online without phyically meeting, these students will need to wait till we get some classroom meeting time (over the years of teaching on zoom/skype I can work with those who have already been on the instruments for a while, but start up-you have to do this in person for a while to make zoom work).  
    All of this will be spelled out with the class syllabus (including grading set-up, concert attendance, practice policy, et...) and families will need to choose.  There will be pros and cons for each scenerio and families need to consider that when they sign up (such as time committment, technology requirements, etc..).  We have done 1 quarter of online learning and each family needs to understand their limits and committments to this formate based on how they dealt with online learning last year.   Here is a working copy of what I am thinging about using.  You can look at it.  At least you can see what is going on in my mind:  2020-2021 Coronavirus Syllabus addition  (This was just updated on 7/2/20).
    One more thing-even if we have school time in the classroom set-up, I may end up deciding the only way I can teach a student their instrument safely is to do it on zoom (this is for singers/brass and woodwind players mostly).   So, private lesson format maybe be it.  I have to remind myself constantly that you are letting me work with your child.  I cannot let them get hit or sick because of my personal feelings about how music should be taught.   As much as I love teaching and working with students in an ensemble setting, there is no safe way at this point in time with this situation.  Trust me when I say, I really am torn about this and I can understand students/families feeling the same way. 
    For more info here is some videos/documents to read and consider.  Anything with singing also is the same for woodwind and brass instruments.
    Kanas Voice Center document: Coronavirus 19-music document
    Guidelines for Music Education for Fall 2020 (NAfME and NFHS): Guideline for Music Fall 2020 opening
    Keeping instruments clean with Covid 19: https://nafme.org/covid-19-instrument-cleaning-guidelines/
    Youtube videos on music and coronavirus: 
     Trips for keeping brass (WW/Strings/Percussion as well) for staying safe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsW8zjOADfQ
    Seeing the big picture for ensembles: https://nafme.org/band-time-pandemic/
    Is it safe for band: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/it-safe-strike-band-time-coronavirus  (note: my opinion of            the article is that it shows some studies are done but there are still a lot of unknowns).
    Detail info for WW (including reed care/flute issues/cleaning), Brass (buzzing affect/cleaning) along with ties to Singing (it
    Covid-19 distance measurement for breathing/types of masks quality/ways to protect yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ4Epf8i1uk
    Simple video on Covid-19.  Refereance to singing but also notes on flute playing and other instruments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVMGIvVt9VY

    Very solid article over singing/winds/brass issues.  Contains lots of links to get more info: https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/ncov/covid-wwksf/2020/07/what-we-know-transmission-risks-singing-wind-instruments.pdf?la=en

    Singing/Winds/brass issues covered. https://www.unibw.de/lrt7-en/making_music_during_the_sars-cov-2_pandemic.pdf

    Video showing paticle transmittion with and without a mask: https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMc2007800

    This has info on Marching Band recommendation (it does apply to concert band as well): https://www.nfhs.org/media/3812337/2020-nfhs-guidance-for-returning-to-high-school-marching-band-activities.pdf
    For WW and Brass this article show how wind works and the use of a "bell shield" and "WW bag" can help: https://www.nfhs.org/media/4029952/preliminary-testing-report-7-13-20.pdf
    I am trying to see if a garbage bag can be put over a brass bell or the body of a woodwind instrument (to catch particles).  My thought is that if we use a bag and even spray the inside of the bag with VIREX cleaner before starting, it will try to catch and kill Covid-19 particles.   After starting this, I got these 2 link to companies with the same idea.  You can buy this to help cover the instrument and they are machine washable.  
    Director's assitant company: https://www.directorsassistant.com/ppe (they sell brass bell covers, musician's blow masks (a face mask with a point to buzz or blow into an instrument) and flute shields as well).
    McCormicks supplies:  https://www.mccormicksnet.com/Instrument-Bell-Cover-p/3070015.htm (they have machine washable WW bag covers). 
    Singing COVID-19 Masks  These are designed for singing to allow singers to move their jaws better and easier to talk in, If parents want one, look it up.: https://www.mymusicfolders.com/product/resonance-singers-mask-with-disposable-biofilters/
    I have just put up (on CMS Music Newsletter page) and emailed a bunch of info about this year's start up.  Here are few hightlight from the email (or click here for the full write-up: CMS Music Start of the year write-up.  Thanks.

    As of 8/3/20: School music schedule is still being worked out.  I have a plan on my website, but I am also trying to get my music classes to be broken into smaller groups to do more in school stuff.   The problem will be that instead of all year music, it may be just a semester for each group.  It will fine tune for each group.  For instance, orchestra maybe split into 2 periods during 1 semester (beginning and advance).   Then on the opposite semester, students can opt to take zoom lessons schedule to keep their playing up and improve more.  This would allow for me to have a percussion class, woodwind classes, brass classes, 2 orchestra groups, 2-3 choir groups and even maybe start up a guitar ensemble.  There is a lot of other factors that have to be looked into this to make this work, but it is working idea. 

    As of 8/3/20: For all online students, you will have zoom lesson classes on Friday with the new 3 period, 4 day a week schedule (in class students will be Monday-Thursday, online will be Friday for me).  I will be using part of my prep time on Friday to have your classes.  I will inform you with the syllabus and on an email about what time your class will be offered.  

    NEED a NEW 2020-2021 music calendar (please note-changes will be very likely this year)- CMS 2020-2021 Concert Schedule
    Student Groups to get involved with: 
    Community Orchestra: www.matsuorchestra.org for info.  Kate Patterson is the director.  
    Youth Orchestra: Contact Kai West (Shaw Elementary music teacher) at kai.west@matsuk12.us
    Alaska Children's Choir: Contact Jessie Wetherell.  The website is:  https://alaskachildrenscho.wixsite.com/alaskachildrenschoir
     CMS with TMS 2020 Fall Musical at CMS 
    Oct. 30 (7PM), Oct. 31 (2PM and 7PM), Nov. 6 (7PM) and Nov. 7 (2PM and 7PM).  Audition info will be posted during the mid to late summer.  Auditions will probably be Aug. 21, 2020.  Mandatory audition practices will be Aug. 19 (2:30-3:30 PM) and Aug. 20 (2:30-3:30 PM) in the CMS band room.  
    NOTE: This may change as we figure out how the 2020-2021 school  year will start. 






    Before School

    Jazz Band-M&W: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM

    Jazz Choir-T&Th: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM


    6th Band (Intermediate Band)


    Orchestra (Small Ensemble)


    6th Choir


    7th-8th Choir (Advance Choir)


    7th-8th Band (Advance Band)






    Enrichment Class-Beginning Band/Guitar/Mythology/Musical Theater

    After school

    Lots of activities

    Lambert in Trinidad

    Changes to this page 8/3/20):
    1.Add 6th percussion and clarinet workshop. 
    2. Choir practice tracks for Fall concert are uploaded.
    3. The 2020-2021 syllabus addition info was updated today.  Please look at the new info.
    4. Updated Moana's Audition info as I am working through a rehearsal calendar.  Hope to post a working copy of this soon.
    5. Add another article to the overview page.
    6. Materials people can buy to help with playing instruments with Covid-19
    7. Add "start-up newsletter" and updated class schedule idea on Overview page.   
    My Grading Policy
    Grading is based on several items:
    Attendance/participation:100 pts per week (10pts per day for attendance and 10 pts for participation)
    Concerts: 250 pts per concert (includes-warm-up, performance, listening, dress, attendance)
    Practice Charts: 35 pts a week for 2 hours of practice (forms next to practice charts box)
    Extra Credit: 25 pts per item (go to a concert, art museum, play, or any "Arts" event)-turn in
    program/ticket into practice chart box with name.
    Auditions/Projects: Most of these items range from 50 pts to 100 pts. These are mostly in-class
    Need Practice Charts-Click Here:
    Need help with improving your practice-goto Tips for Practicing.
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