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    Name: Toby Lambert
    Email Address: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 761-1517
    CMS Music/Drama Department is proud to present:
    Oct. 29 (7PM), Oct. 30 (2PM and 7PM), Nov. 5 (7PM) and Nov. 6 (2PM)
    Auditions mandatory practices are: Aug 20 and 23 from 2:30-4PM at the CMS band room.   
    Auditions are: Aug. 24 after school at the CMS band room.  
    Go to the Musical page for more info.  
    Contact Mr. Lambert if you have questions. 
    To Parents/Students:
    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. There is lots of info on this site. Enjoy.
    -Registrtation for Music starts July 15.  You can call me (907-761-1517) or email me if you wish to sign up for music classes for 2021-2022 school year. School starts on Aug. 18, 2021.

    -CMS  Music Parent Booster is still looking for a president and vice president for our music boosters.   If you can help, please email me.

    -Info you need to know going into registration for music:

                      Classes being offered:

                           Full Year music classes:

                                         Beginning Band (start up students)

                                         Advance Band (students with 2 year or more experience)

                                         Orchestra (for beginning and advance)

                                         6th grade choir (for 6th graders-no experience needed)

                                         7th-8th grade choir (for 7th-8th graders-no experience needed)

                          One semester classes:

                                         6th-8th grade guitar class (no experience needed)

                                         Musical theater class (no experience needed-this is a theater class that will have performance aspects to it)

    For all classes, Mr. Lambert does the offical registration.  You will need to contact him at between July 15-Aug. 13.  You can also sign up for classes on: CMS music registration document

    For the Guitar and Musical theater, you will need to contact Mr. Lambert directly.  Guitar is 1st semester and Musical Theater is 2nd semester.


    For all Beginning Band and Beginning Orchestra players, after you have registered, you will be having a "fitting meeting" with Mr. Lambert.  The meeting will take about 15-20 minutes.  This will be schedule before school year starts so that we can get an instrument properly fitted to the student.  A fitting is for me to see what their jaw structure looks like (do they wear braces), how do mouthpiece fit, can they move their hands and finger on the instrument or sticks, test to see if they can keep a steady beat, try some tonguing exercises, try some sticking exercises on drums and mallets, try to use the bow and move on the next of a string instrument, etc.... .  Students will be trying at least 2 instruments.  There are limitation on how many students can be on an instruments (partically percussion due to how the parts are arranged in the music).   Mr. Lambert wants to meet each family, get to know a little about what the child and family want to do, discuss what will be needed and what the school has available to use, get paperwork for the class and get to generally see the classroom.  Below is the list of supplies they will need for classes for instruments.  I need to get this done before school so that when the school year start, we are not spending time on this, but rather starting to learn how to play the instrument they choose.  

    Here are dates and open time block that I am setting aside for fitting.  When you register with me, we will set up a specific time for you.  It should take about 15-20 minutes total.   If none of these times/dates work with your schedule, we will figure something else out.  Thank you.

    Wed. July 21: 10AM-3PM                        Thur. July 22: 12:30 PM-3PM

    Mon. July 26: 9AM-3PM                          Tues. July 27: 12 PM-6PM

    Wed. July 28: 10AM-3PM                        Thur. July 29: 12:30 PM-3PM

    Mon. Aug. 2: 9AM-3PM                           Tues. Aug. 3: 9AM-3PM

    Wed. Aug. 4: 12PM-6PM                         Thur. Aug. 5: 12:30 PM-3PM

    Mon. Aug. 9: 9AM-3PM                           Wed. Aug. 11: 3PM-7PM (this is the first day back for all CMS teaching staff)

    Fri. Aug. 13: 2PM-6PM                            Tues. Aug. 17: 9AM-1PM

    For choir, advance band and advance orchestra students, they will need to come in to pick-up music, paperwork and get their instrument lockers.  There will be open times available for them to stop by.  No instrumental fitting needed as they already have their materials from previous years.

    Here is equipment needs for Beginning band and Beginning Orchestra:

    CMS has: 4 flutes, 6 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet, 2 alto saxophones, 1 tenor saxophone, 6 trumpets, 6 French horns, 4 trombones, 4 baritones, 2 tubas

                   1 Viola, 1 Upright String bass

                   Sorry no percussion kits available as they will be in use with advance band

                   Sorry no violins, or cellos available

                   Sorry no guitars available

    Stuff needed for instruments for Beginning Band:

          Flute: Need cleaning rag, Jewelry screw driver

          Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax: #2 reeds (about 10-12), cleaning swab, jewelry screw driver, mouth piece cleaner swab

          Trumpet, F. Horn, Baritone, Tuba: valve oil (clear color is preferred), cleaning kit with slide grease (if the instrument is the students) 

          Trombone: valve oil (clear color is preferred), trombone slide grease (different from regular slide grease), cleaning kit (if the instrument is the students)

          Percussion: Percussion kit that contains a snare pad, bell kit, mallets for bells, snare sticks, percussion stand to put snare pad and bells on. 

    Stuff needed for instruments for Beginning Orchestra:

          Violin, Viola: Rosin for bow, neck pad to lift the instrument on the student's neck, humidifier, extra set of strings

          Cello, Bass: Rosin for bow, humidifier, extra strings (for cello especially)

    Stuff needed for Guitar Class:

           Students need a case, humidifer, pick, extra strings


    Books for Beginning band are: Traditions of Excellence Book 1 (red) and Book 2 (blue)

    Books for Beginning orchestra are: All for Strings Book 1 (light brown) and Book 2 (blue) 


    NO books for Guitar class at this time. Mr. Lambert will provide what he needs for the students.  

    Most of the equipment that CMS has can be rented to Beginning Band/Beginning Orchestra students: Cost this year for rental is $100.00 for the year.  Contract will be given to family at their instrument fitting meeting.  First come, first serve (advance band/orchestra students need to have their own stuff unless it is a big instrument like a tuba or baritone-instrument mostly being focused to beginning students this  year).  


    Places to rent/purchase instruments, equipment, books (which normally include warranty and maintenance plan):

    Matanuska music: (907) 376-4006, it is at 280 N. Willow Street in Wasilla Matanuska Music Website

    Horn Doctor: (907) 272-4676, is at 1000 Ingra St. in Anchorage Horn Doctor Website

    The Music Man: (907) 561-7001, is at 4637 Old Seward Hwy, in Anchorage Music Man Website

    Petr's Violin/Guitar Center: (907) 276-1800, is at 1408 Hyder St. Unit B in Anchorage Petr's Violin/Guitar Website

    There are others shops if you google search, but these are the main ones for band, orchestra and guitars.


    Concert Calendar for 2021-2022 year.  This is mostly set correctly but adjustments are going to happen throughout the year. Being we are "picking up the pieces" from a COVID shut down/modified school year, things will be changing to adapt to the situation/position students are in as the year progresses.   For example:  The Sept. 20 band (advance band/jazz band only) and Sept 21 Choir concerts might be put together into 1 concert on Sept. 20 due to numbers of students that register/facility usage, amount of music that we have learned.  THIS IS NOT FOR SURE BUT IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THIS YEAR!!!!!

          Here is the calendar: CMS 2021-2022 Music Calendar
    COVID-19 AND THE 2021-2022 CMS MUSIC SCHOOL YEAR:   With the new year approaching, we are hoping for a normal year.   But COVID-19 is not going way!!!   Wind playing and choir singing are the fastest forms of transmittion.  If a situation comes up over the school year with COVID (we hope not, but we need to plan for it anyways), the music classes may have to make adjustments (such as spreading out more, using zoom classes, putting bags over wind and brass instruments, extra cleaning added, possibly singing with masks on to limit the distance of exhaled air from students, canceling or limiting people at concerts, etc.... .   I am hoping (with all my heart) that we have a normal year, but COVID does not understand a school calendar.  If something happens, we will make adjustments.  Please be aware, I will be following what the district and school implement with what I need to do to keep your children safe.    If you have concerns, please talk with me as I have learned a lot about how to deal with this over the last 1 1/2 years of working in this setting.  
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    Below is a working schedule for music for next school year.  If a student signs up for a music class, they will also need to pick if they want PE or Exploratory track classes (1 quarter of Health, Art, Stem and Consummer Science-they may also have media study class).  










    Semester 1

    7th-8th Adv. Band (completed 2 years of band)

    6th-8th Grade Begining Band (new or 1 year players)

    6th-8th Grade Guitar

    6th Grade Choir

    7th-8th Grade Adv. Choir

    6th-8th grade Orchestra

    Semester 2

    7th-8th Adv. Band (completed 2 years of band)

    6th-8th Grade Begining Band (new or 1 year players) 6th-8th Grade musical theater 6th Grade Choir
    7th-8th Grade Adv. Choir
    6th-8th grade Orchestra



    Extra Activities Mr. Lambert is planning for the 2021-2022 school year:

    Jazz Band (for advance band students)-Monday/Wednesday 6:45 AM-7:15 AM

    Jazz Choir (for advance choir students)-Tuesday/Thursday 6:45 AM-7:15 AM

    Musical Theater-After School Monday-Friday, Aug-Early Nov. 

    Spring Play- After School in March-Early May.

    Solo/Ensemble contest students: Jan-Feb. After school

    Talent Show: Dec. 


    Things that may come back this year:

    Honor music festival (End of Feb-End of March)

    Hand Bell Ensemble (Nov-Mid Dec).


    Things putting on Hold for the 2021-2022 school year: 

    Tri-M Music Honor Society-Varied days for meeting

    Pep Band-End of Sept till Mid Nov. 




     Items updated on this website:


    1. Overview page has major updated for registration info.   

    2. Most pages have been updated including syllabuses.   

    3. Musical theater page now has audition info/contract/rehearsal schedules for Moana Jr.   Lots of material updated.  

    4. Added my schedule for instrumental fittings for beginning Band and beginning Orchestra students. 

    5. Added Google Classroom codes (below) 

    6. Choir Fall 2021 practice tracks added.





    Google Classroom codes:

    Advance Band: lskirff

    Beginning Band: zfm3soh

    Guitar: ye2tjac

    Musical Theater: d3haifa

    6th grade Choir: sbfkaym

    7th-8th grade Choir: mceeq3j

    Orchestra: 4cd3dij

    Musical/Play: awh7sn2

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