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    Math and Study Skills
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       Mrs. Foster           Cale, Cady, Curtis                                                                                                                                 
    Hello !
    Welcome to the school year.  This will be my 29th year as a teacher.  I have taught at the Middle and Elementary School level in both regular and special education.
        Besides teaching, I spend my time with my family.  My husband Hank, teaches PE. My adult sons and daughter, Cale, Cady, Curtis and our dog Nadia keep busy. We like hiking, sports, gardening, watching movies, and visiting! I also enjoy running my dog, reading books and catching up on my favorite shows.
        I am excited about this year and expect we will work together to be successful.  I welcome input and suggestions from you at any time.  Please use the e-mail link or phone number above to keep in touch with me throughout the year. 
    Math Level 1
    7:45-8:37        Period 1
    Math Level 1
    8:42-9:30        Period 2
    Math Level 2
    9:35-10:23      Period 3
    Math Level 2
    10:28-11:16    Period 4
    Math Level 3
    11:21-12:09    Period 5
    Study Skills
    1:37-2:15        Period 7
    In Study Skills class students may print off progress reports for each class, take responsibility for missing assignments and homework they need support on. This will be a weekly routine.






    Assignments are available on
    Parentvue, studentvue and entered as assigned.

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