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    Panama - Inspired Mola by Dawson

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    Elementary Spanish Program

    Academy Charter School’s Elementary Spanish Program is a Foreign Language Experience program.

    As our charter indicates, we realize that in today’s multicultural society a foreign language component in the education of our children is essential. This type of instruction positively influences children's attitudes toward future learning opportunities, and it can lead to a fuller understanding and appreciation of cultures other than their own. Brain research has shown that children who have studied foreign language in elementary school show greater cognitive development and tend to score higher on standardized tests.

    Cha Cha Class 2010

            Academy Charter's program has been developed with these important concepts in mind and will provide your child with a highly positive experience in his or her primary encounter with a foreign language. Academy Charter School’s Spanish Program provides a rich, multi-sensory, second language environment that takes advantage of your child's energy, curiosity, and natural ability to acquire language. In a relaxed atmosphere, students will begin to develop listening and speaking skills along with word recognition skills.  All students will be introduced to grammatical concepts at their level. Students will develop a  rudimentary understanding of  how the Spanish language is put together and the fundamental differences between their two languages. Since language is the expression of culture, cultural education is an integral part of our program. 

    Tango Class 2009

    Foster and Kim learning the Tango                          Argentina inspired Tango class                 Theresa Mary's Tango Class    

    Gus Mola - Inspired by the Kuna Indians of panama

    Middle School Spanish Class

    Conner teaching how to make Jaguar masks from ColombiaEli and James Reporting on Peru8th Graders in need of medical attention

    Academy Charter's Middle School Spanish Program is a feeder program designed to mesh with the local area High School Programs.  We use the Glencoe Como Te Va Textbook which is created especially for middle schoolers who will be using the Buen Viaje series as high school students.  Cultural Studies at this level are more in depth and are focused on certain Core Knowledge content areas that have to do with Spanish, Hispanic and Pre-Hispanic Culture.  In addition middle school students will be attending and participating in various Hispanic cultural activities that are offered by their teacher, community or the Anchorage area.  The goal of the middle school Spanish program is to help navigate the transition from enthusiastic elementary foreign language "tourists"  to dedicated and excited scholars of world language. 

    Rainforest Mural Phase 1                          Rainforest Mural Under Construction                  Rainforest Mural - Done!!!

    Middle School Syllabus

    Señorita Caterina’s Spanish Class
    6th-8th Grade

    Materials Used:  Glencoe Middle School Spanish Textbook: Como Te Va?
    Core Knowledge Units
    Teacher Created Materials

    Grading Policy:      A+ 100%         B+ 86-89%    C+  76-79%    D+  66-69%    F 59%
               A   95-99%    B   85%        C    75%        D    65%
                        A-  90-94%    B-  80-84%    C-   70-74%    D-   60-64%
     Please check I- parent!!!!.

    Homework: Homework is due at the beginning of the next class.  THERE IS HOMEWORK TWICE A WEEK!!

    Late Work: Will be turned in on my computer in the Spanish classroom or  will not receive credit.

    Work may be:                    
                                        One Day Late  (for 90% credit)
                                        Two Days Late (for 70% credit)
                                        Work turned in later than two days is too late for credit.

    (When students are absent they have the length of their absence to make up the work)
    Assessments:    Weekly Vocabulary Quizzes
                              Grammar Tests
                              Core Knowledge Culture Tests
    Retakes: 6-8th grades are allowed one retake on tests  per semester per subject.

      It is the student's responsibility to meet with the teacher to schedule retakes or makeup work within the week the test is returned.  The student will earn the score of the retake.

    Required Supplies:         Planner
    Spanish Notebook
                                            Index Cards and Box
                                            Whiteboard Marker                                                          
    Class Expectations:         Be prepared and on time.
                                             If I am speaking, you need to be listening.

    Special Topics:    Plagiarism and having another person (or machine) complete your Spanish homework is CHEATING! Unless you are advised by the teacher, no Spanish assignments are to be completed with a partner.  Consequences for violating any of the above will result in an automatic 0 with no opportunity for make-up! Any work closely resembling another students will be submitted to the school administration.

    Contact or Get Help:In person~ after 3:00 pm or at lunch time.

    Name: Ms. Agoff
    Email Address: cady.agoff@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 746-2358
Last Modified on March 1, 2016