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    Nurse Grilliot

    This is my 17th year as a MSBSD school nurse. I was at Willow Elementary for 1 year in 2002/2003, at HMS for 6 years, MLE 1 year and Mat-Su day school 1 year and back at willow for 8 years now. This is also my 9th year as the Health Services Coordinator for the School District. With the position as 1/2 time school nurse and 1/2 time nurse coordinator, I am able to be located at Willow for the whole school day in case there are any emergency health concerns with the students. I am very excited to be able to work out of Willow since I have lived in the community for 21 years.
    My hours for MSBSD are 8:45-4:15
    My Clinic hours for WLE are 10:30-2:00.
    I only see WLE students outside of the above stated clinic hours if there is a medical emergency. 
    I am enjoying getting to know your students.
    You can contact me here at school  in the following ways if you have any questions about your students health or MSBSD Health Services Policies and procedures.
    Phone (907)-495-9304 Fax (907)-495-9380 email krista.grilliot@matsuk12.us  
    Wishing you good health always
    Remember: Good hand washing is one of the best ways to stay healthy
    If you need a copy of a form or a letter from me see the tabs to select the form and print for your use.
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